Thursday, July 15, 2010

Honey we're Movin !

So, packed up the car for the next stage, on to Colorado!  A few blocks from the hotel and we enter Yellowstone Park in the State of Wyoming.
When you go to enter the park you stop and pay $25.00 to the Forest Service employee.  She asked if anyone in the vehicle was a Senior Citizen?  Bob responded, "well, five more days I will be 62!"  She looked at his license to verify and said "close enough".  The Horton's entered the park for a whopping $10 and Bob received a membership card that will get us into any national park for free for the rest if our lives, with the exception of Mt. Rushmore....  The Ranger said, " this is a little gift from the government for paying your taxes all these years".  We do feel so much better about all the taxes paid....sure we do....but seriously how cool is it to enter the parks for free!

I took this photo out of the car window while moving so it's really crooked.  In the center, the tree that looks dead has an eagles nest in it.  This particular area of the park is where eagles can be seen at most any time. This year we haven't seen an eagle but glad to spot the nest and know they are still with us!

Yellowstone Park  the very first of our National parks, was greener than ever this year.  If you've never been through the park it's for sure something to put on your bucket list.  Really beautiful, peaceful drive and you are almost guaranteed to spot deer, bear, eagle's, moose....and even a fly fisherman :-)

We didn't stop at Old Faithful this year. Not that it's not worth the stop, just that we were attempting to reach Colorado on the same day.  It does go off at predictable times for those of you who didn't know that, so your promised the opportunity to see the big geyser in action.

I did take a couple of photo's of the hot springs that you can see from the road and even stop and take a walk to see several of them. Steam can be seen everywhere...

They Government was performing a lot of road work in the park  so we did experience a few delays.  One of them for approximately 30 minutes, but hey, if your gonna be stuck in traffic what a great place to be stuck!

I'm always amazed at the flowers that grow along the roadside.  Beautiful purple, yellow and even orange this year.  I try so hard to grow them and keep them healthy at home and these just do their thing naturally.  The picture doesn't do the forest and flowers justice.  They really are brightly colored and everywhere.

We experienced several construction zones as mentioned, so at one point it was like, it's only right they make the blog :-)

Before long we entered The Grand Teton National Park.  The Tetons are so beautiful and bigger than life, they too are worthy of making the bucket list.....

We arrived at the Gotham household in Thornton Colorado around 9 P.M..  So great to see our friends again, we stayed up till close to midnight laughing about old times when we were neighbors in California.  It's going to be a great visit with Tami and Scott, almost guaranteed that every moment will be blog worthy :-)

Missing the kids this glad I have Skype that has allowed me to to see my daughter in law Katie twice now.  It really does help when you're a little homesick for the people you love and be able to actually see them.  I highly recommend you all start Skyping :-)

Closing with some random shots from our travels.......

Hugs from Colorado!


  1. I'm taking notes. We're following your trail in a few days time...through Montana, Yellowstone and on to Colorado. Great photos.

  2. I just spent the last twenty minutes reading through your last four posts and I have enjoyed my visit immensely. You sure do have an interesting way of documenting your trip and experiences. A part of the US that I have never seen. It is so beautiful! I enjoyd seeing pictures of your family, the lovely bride Lindsay, and hearing how you and your husband celebrate together at the same place each year. Thank you for sharing your special trip with us. I hope it isn't over:)

  3. Tell Bob HAPPY BIRTHDAY from the other snickerdoodle!!! Looks like you two are sure having a lot of fun! Miss you!!!