Thursday, July 8, 2010

Farewell Hwy. 1 ...and I'm being nice!

Checked out of our lovely room with the ocean view with 755 miles down and its 56 degrees outside.  Went to breakfast and then directly to the drug store for Dramamine.  It said, adults one to two tablets, figured as sick as I felt yesterday I better take two......The good news, I did not experience any car sickness today, the blog is only that which I can clearly remember :-(  Strong little suckers those pills are!

First stop was to photograph another lighthouse, this one at  Point Arena.  We got a very early start so it was real quiet out and very few people on the road. (I think)

The road wasn't as bad as yesterday and just when I thought I was handling it well the sign posted read, "Narrow windy road next 21 miles"....really Hwy 1, really?  All this open space seems they could have straightened it out a bit! 

Boy was I glad to see Hwy 101, my new friend. When I saw the sign I thought, Eureka is right!  Temperature became 81 degrees and the sun was shining.  I really spent most of today dozing in my seat with a sudden head drop either to the front or back scaring myself awake....momentarily.  I'm sure it was not signs of drooling have been reported. So thankful for that :-)

We ended our day in Grants Pass Oregon and it's 92 degrees its and its after 7 P.M.....big change from the low 50's with low clouds.

 Of course I've included more evidence of the roads and some of where we're staying in Grants Pass.

Another early start tomorrow to an unknown destination .... kinda feeling drowsy again.....hugs!

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  1. It is fun to have you share this trip with us. Places I have never visited but would love to. Thank you for sharing the pictures and captions with us. Great picture of you.