Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Left a Bunch of Love in Kansas ........

Well, our good bye's in Kansas were so very hard, just as we expected they would be. I was kinda getting used to seeing Calib change daily and sad that we will miss seeing him grow other than in photographs.

And then......there was my new BFF Dominic.  I can' even tell you how much I love being with him and watching his millions of expressions that little face displays.  When Grandpa was holding him saying good bye Dominic looked at him with a sad little face, as tears began to run down and said, " can she stay "?  That is when I had to take him from G-Pa and hold him until I had to return him to his Daddy as I got in the car to leave.

I always said to Calib "who's the cutest baby in Kansas" was so adorable to watch Dominic look at his little brother and say the same :-)

So far the highlight of our trip was the time spent with Joseph, Angel, Dominic and Calib...... both Bob and I cried as we drove away....geeze....I'm ready to cry just typing it !!  It was really, really tough to leave and we can't wait until we are all together again.

Safely back in Colorado, we do miss the humidity of Kansas.....NOT so much !  Bob flew out this morning on a turn around trip to Spokane Washington to attend a memorial service for his brother Larry.  So happy he will have some alone time with his nephew while there and returns to me tomorrow.  Scott has left for a turn around trip to Canada on business, so tonight Tami and I get some girl time !!

Tami is working today, me, I think I'm going to watch cooking shows all day!


Sunday, July 25, 2010

It's Going to Be a Long Hard Goodbye....


Today was my baby brother Tonys' Birthday....started my day with a phone call to him!
Happiest of Birthdays Tony!

This was our IHop morning :-)
Calib has watch dogs !

Daddy's first attempt of eating while holding baby in sling....the attempt was successful ..
Dominic now prefers to be chauffeured by Grandpa and Grandma:-)
BFF's for life .... heart strings have been pulled, big time!

Just Love them!

Today is our last full day in Manhattan/Fort Riley, Kansas and our waitress at IHop actually recognized us this morning :-( Says something.........right.....?

We met Joseph, Angelina and the kiddos and headed to the Big Red One Musem on base at Fort Riley.  The Big Red One is the division Bob was in while in the Army when he served in Vietnam and the same division Joseph is in as well!

The Musem covered WWI and WWII, Vietnam, The Tet Offensive, Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom.  It was done really well with life size Army Men.  Dominic was kinda scared they might wake up so I explained to him they were just big dolls.  When we went through the Vietnam area that was set up as if you were walking through a jungle in Vietnam, I told him Grandpa was in Vietnam and it looked like this.  He replied, "Grandpa was a really big doll then".  :-)

Bob met up with another gentleman that happened to be in Vietnam at the same time he was.  It is always a tear jerker to see vets start to reminisce about the war.  I always sense they could talk all day to each other, regardless of the fact they don't know each other......they get each other.  I love that whenever Bob meets up with a vet he always says, "welcome home brother" as he gives them a hug.  Something they all should have received upon their return...  Proud my Bob does his part to welcome them home all these years later.  I left the museum so proud to be with my two Army men :-)
Dominic my new bff........

Calib travels well with Daddy in the sling :-)
Calib looking more grown up than ever...
He's changing so fast already..loves to be held in the form of the letter "C", it is what he's used to after all ...

Spent the rest of today watching movies, enjoyed yet another great meal made by Martha Angelina :-)
The bonds have grown closer in every relationship.  We so love this little family and really hate to leave.  Dominic became teary eyed when he realized tomorrow morning we would be coming by to say good bye.  He said, "you mean then you go back to your hotel'?  Grandpa explained we were actually leaving our hotel too......oh the sadness on his little face, his tiny voice became weak and cracking :-(  It was explained he could come and see us in California, Grandpa tossed in a ride on the Harley.....he walks over to his mommy...semi crying..."mommy, will you take me to California to ride on the bike and then we go to Florida"?  Angelina and I on the verge of bawling.....quick, change the subject an Oreo Dominic. So thankful for chocolate (how often I say this!).....

Yes, tomorrow is going to be really tough.  We have had such an awesome time with them and so blessed we could be with them the days we have had.  Time for us to travel on and more importantly time for them to have their alone time as a family. A time for them to make many special memories of their own without the extra bodies in their home :-)

The love we have for them made me think of those we have at home that we can't wait to see again.......


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Follow the Yellow Brick Road


Okay, favorite movie of all time (told you it would come up again) The Wizard of Oz.  As a child watched it every year starting at age sisters and I would gather for possibly one of the biggest nights of our year, The Wizard of Oz was coming on the television.  I can still remember how excited I would be each time.  Then there was that horrible event that occurred one year when we were at my Uncle Jack and Aunt Roseva's in Oak View, CA.  The movie had barely gotten started and an electrical storm came through and knocked out the power!!!!!!  Words cannot describe the would be equivalent to waiting for Santa all year and just prior to him reaching our house we find out his sleigh broke down.... and therefore will not make it to Fisk Lane until NEXT YEAR???????

So needless to say today's adventure was a biggie for me!! Shortly after breakfast we headed down the highway to Wamego Kansas, home of the Wizard of Oz Museum.  Upon our arrival Bob headed to the trunk and handed me a surprise.....prior to starting our trip he had purchased my my very own ruby slippers and a Glenda the good witches wand :-)

I had made it!  I'm here at the Oz Museum at last and I can't wait to get in the door!

Once in side is the store where they make all the money off us Oz fans.....more on that later.  I didn't even want to shop, I needed to be inside!  We purchased our tickets and  I opened the door............

There she was, Dorthy Gale....and Toto too!!!!!!  I  turn around and there he was, the Scarecrow... I checked his stuffing immediately and all look fine ....

 I then see the ruby slippers on the witch that Dorthy's house landed tempting to remove them and try then on :-)

 Gave the Tin Man a little oil ....he looked so real.....real?.....what?  Of course I know the Tin Man was an actor in costume......?

The cowardly lion, I confess I did want to give him a little hug.....he was so the movie.

And there she was...............................the WICKED WITCH !!  

 I reminded myself she was never real.....I agreed to sit on the broom with her if just for the photographic proof ......and no I don't have a broom of my own :-)

Then, there was the flying monkey......I was so deathly afraid of them year after year as a child.....
but today, I confronted my fears.  I faced that monkey and I experienced victory over that monkey!
He doesn't look nearly as scary in this photo as he was in real life the movie.......

The Poppy Fields really do make you drowsy....

And there she was......Glenda the Good Witch.  As beautiful as ever.....she's the one on the left in the long pink gown.

I was hesitant, but I had come all this way..... I had to knock!
The door wasn't as big as the original and the all powerful Oz had used some Grecian Formula or something on his hair.  Not a white hair on his head...... :-)

It was not allowed, but I did almost get all the way on the powerful Oz's husband accused me of being a rule breaker, a rebel of sorts ......imagine!

Ahh.. the instructions, Follow the Yellowbrick Road......
and so I did....................

It led me to the theater where the movie plays non stop.....I could have sat all day.  Fortunately for the sake of time....we caught the end just as she was clicking those ruby slippers together.....

...and there she was back in her room surrounded by the people she loved most....

Ready to leave the Land of Oz.....and shop!!!

I have to admit I shopped and shopped and purchased many Oz memories of my morning at the museum...the pictures are the proof.

Do you suppose that Dorthy is somewhat responsible for my abundance of shoes????? 

Okay, so I bought another book bag...... The proceeds went to the museum, how could I not!

Now lets give credit where credit is due.......................................

Never new Toto was played by Toto!

It's not over folks, we also spotted these little surprises just outside....

So that was my morning at the Wizard of Oz Museum......and for that short time I wasn't in  Kansas was a dream come true!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Calib and Dominic .........Our Little Men

Boys, boys and more boys!

So our newest grandson Calib Bruce Horton was born yesterday July 22, 2010 and he is perfect!  Head full of black hair....eyes and nose of his Mommy.....Ears, arms, legs and feet are Daddy's but that precious little face it just the same as his big brother Dominic.

Mommy is glad he is "out" and doing great.  You would never believe she just gave birth or that she went through 16 or so hours of labor with an epideral that never really worked completely.  God bless her, she is a trooper!
Daddy, Joseph is on cloud nine, so sweet to watch him in the early hours of his son's life.  Seeing that amazement , that recognition of this little miracle named Calib.  So blessed we could be here to witness that glow that is on a new Daddy's face!  He is indeed a proud Daddy.....
Congrats to Joseph and Angelina for a job well done!


Today we joined the little family at their home which is on base at Fort Riley. Spent the day and into the evening holding Calib and or being entertained by our cutie Dominic.  Dominic gets kudos for the best manners ever !  Good job Joseph and Angelina :-)

Angelina made a great dinner of caramelized pork chops, baked potatoes and green beans for us to share as a family.  I'm telling you she is like the ever ready bunny, she is amazing!  The food was too!

Words can't describe the day we had with our grandsons and their Mommy and tell the story of today best!

Ahhhhh....been a long wonderful day.  The good news is we get to do it again tomorrow :-)
Starting our day with the boys and their Mommy and Daddy....first stop I-Hop !  Stay tuned, tomorrow is going to be a great day, I can just tell......

P.S.  Mommy promised we could photograph her tomorrow when she hasn't just gone through 16 hours of labor, prepared a wonderful meal, did the laundry and entertained us :-)