Friday, February 20, 2015

Fresh Brewed Encouragement ~

John 14:27 - Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.


I know there are many troubled hearts in the world, I know some of them personally. 

This morning started off with  a message from a High School friend who short of a miracle is nearing the end of her life on this earth. She has fought a good fight with an incredible attitude and spirit. Cancer may win this fight but she has eternity of perfect health~

Some struggle with new beginnings, attempting to find a new normal for themselves.

Some are trying to remain hopeful when their self is sometimes tempted to doubt, to allow their faith to be nudged by fear.. 

Some live without hope of tomorrow and see no way out of the pit they are living in.

My Encouragement for them is, there is One bigger than You and your circumstance. 
He gives peace to the weary, hope to the hopeless, strength to the weak.
Just believe and trust Him.


Peace is not as simple as the absence of fear. Peace is a person. He said He would never leave us. We let our hearts become troubled when we forget that He is with us.


Hoping today and everyday you will each encourage those who cross your path.  It's not always apparent when someone needs and encouraging word.  It's what echos from my heart today ~

Monday, February 16, 2015

There Will Always Be Challenges ~

Day eleven post surgery, and all is well. Doctor said I'm better than most at this point!
The process has been relatively easy for me, very little pain, no trouble sleeping. The hardest part has been dealing with another cough/cold that would not (still) go away! Been so touched by friends that took time out of their lives to help in any way, or stop in to visit me.The days are challenging sometimes with so much alone time! The greatest challenge, it's nearly impossible to dry my own hair..... Can't help but wish while watching Downton Abbey that I had my own Anna to assist. :-)
The hubstir has gotten rather good at doing it for me! In fact he has taken the best care of me.
Truth is, life is good in the big scheme of things, if my greatest trouble is drying my hair!


My church has been experiencing some difficult times, which is never wanted, yet it happens. You see church is the people, and because we belong to Him does not mean we are free from the struggles in this world. It means we know as we go through challenging times,we are never alone. We continue to trust and know that with God, good will prevail every time. I have always felt this little church will provide many with a hope they have never known, a feeling of acceptance and being cared for. That I'm sure will continue, I've never felt stronger about that then after yesterdays service, God has this.


Missing my sweet Khloe and Ellery....oh the days are so long without them. I so treasure every moment they have come to visit with their Momma or Daddy.  My youngest son made a special surprise trip to bring me chicken soup when I was feeling my worst, my heart swelled! How I love the men they have become......


 I try and keep busy, reading, have spent very little time online, and I've been good with that. I've enjoyed  watching the first four seasons of Downton Abbey with my Bustir. Would love to have Mosley serve me some tea  right about now...... :-)

Doing my best to catch up with my fellow bloggers!

It's what echos from my heart today....

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Thankful Thursday ~

Teaming up with Rebecca Jo over at Knit by God's Hand again for Thankful Thursday!

I am thankful to finally reach the day of shoulder surgery!! It's been a little over a year since it starting bothering me so, it's about time! Torn rotator cuff and torn bicep tendon, it's gonna be interesting.....

 Khloe and Ellery will be in the loving care of Grammy and Grandpa Kaiser who are here from Michigan.
 I'm so glad they are here to take over!!!!! It's easier knowing they are with family :-)

My Hubstir has arranged time off from work to help me with the many things I will not be able to do. I hope I don't wear him's hard not being able to do for myself. I have been trying to think of a way to do laundry, it's a favorite chore of mine. I think I can get it in the washer and moved to the's the folding I'm not sure of.?  I will be in a contraption sling of sorts for some time....they refer to it as a sling! I can tell you it's not the square piece of cotton fabric that I adorned when I broke my arm at age 6 that tied around my neck. This thing breaks down to three or four parts, very interesting. The young man that fitted me for it showed me the one snap approach of getting in on and off. Hoping that is remembered come time to test those instructions because there are about four or five clips like on a car seat. It will be with me for a while, I may have to give it a name?

I explained yesterday to Khloe while waiting on the phone with the O.R. Nurse that my surgery to fix my shoulder was going to be tomorrow.  Of course she asked if she could go because, "remember Namaw, when I grow up I want to be a flying fish, a Momma and a Nurse?" Ummmm.. yes but even Pa can't go in. "Don't worry Namaw me and Roo (Ellery) will take care of you, we can even do the laundry."
The child does excel at towel folding, I'll keep her in mind :-)

 A Cinderella of sorts.....

she really did fold the short stack of towels in this photo!

I'm so thankful for some amazing women who will bring us meals during week one of this fiasco. I'm hoping I can accomplish cooking by the second week??? So much unknown.

I'm thankful I have three new books to read, three and a half seasons of Downton Abbey to watch, and a  great online Bible Study.

I do worry about boredom, and no little ones to snuggle up with. 
 I'll survive I'm sure, another season in my life.

Thankful for so much really.

It's what echos from my heart today!