Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Very Lazy Day.....

Today was a very lazy day.  After three weeks I finally went to get my manicure/pedicure and not a moment too soon!  Prices are higher for such things, almost $10.00 more for the whole package....Elite Nails  I miss you too!  Felt great at any cost.

Clouds filled the Colorado sky so the temps were down considerably, somewhere in the mid to high70's.  We had a few shouts of thunder and lighting was spotted several times.  I was hoping for a good rain day but we only received a few giant raindrops.

One of today's treats was a trip to Abbott's.....similar to frozen yogurt but its custard....YUMMO!  I had the chocolate filled to the brim with almonds and then doused in hot fudge :-)  Thanks for the treat Scott!!

The big treat of the day, Bob made his world famous...well, California anyway....famous burritos!  We skyped our daughter in law Katie to let her know...its kinda funny to see how upset she gets when she misses out on "her" burritos....she reminded us that this was twice we have had them without her.

Thankful again for the ability to skype....it was so great to see her and my son Mike.  It seems like forever since we've seen them....I think we'll have burritos when we get home and maybe a little family reunion :-) A hug fest!

We anxiously await the call that son  Joseph and wife Angelina have had our newest grandson!!!  He was due on the 17th...so should be here any day moment.  They are in Kansas where we are headed next.  Saying some prayers the baby comes quickly, Angelina is ready to say the least.  Nothing like going past your due date !  Feel free to join in on that prayer:-)

Had to include some photos of Scott and Tami's beautiful house that we refer to as Club Med Resort.....Gotham style!


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  1. A new grandson, how special. The home you are staying in is beautiful. I especially like their gym room. Thank you for the privilege of going on this trip with you as you document it through this blog. It helps to learn to know you better. Wishing you all a safe delivery and joy as you meet this new little guy. Our daughter and sil are having a baby in Sept. I know the anticipation.