Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Left a Bunch of Love in Kansas ........

Well, our good bye's in Kansas were so very hard, just as we expected they would be. I was kinda getting used to seeing Calib change daily and sad that we will miss seeing him grow other than in photographs.

And then......there was my new BFF Dominic.  I can' even tell you how much I love being with him and watching his millions of expressions that little face displays.  When Grandpa was holding him saying good bye Dominic looked at him with a sad little face, as tears began to run down and said, " can she stay "?  That is when I had to take him from G-Pa and hold him until I had to return him to his Daddy as I got in the car to leave.

I always said to Calib "who's the cutest baby in Kansas" was so adorable to watch Dominic look at his little brother and say the same :-)

So far the highlight of our trip was the time spent with Joseph, Angel, Dominic and Calib...... both Bob and I cried as we drove away....geeze....I'm ready to cry just typing it !!  It was really, really tough to leave and we can't wait until we are all together again.

Safely back in Colorado, we do miss the humidity of Kansas.....NOT so much !  Bob flew out this morning on a turn around trip to Spokane Washington to attend a memorial service for his brother Larry.  So happy he will have some alone time with his nephew while there and returns to me tomorrow.  Scott has left for a turn around trip to Canada on business, so tonight Tami and I get some girl time !!

Tami is working today, me, I think I'm going to watch cooking shows all day!


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  1. It is later in the evening. My husband is watching his baseball game and I have some free time. I spent some time catching up on your blog posts and I must admit I really enjoyed it. As you write, I can relate to so much of what you are saying. You have a beautiful family! I understand the tears as you and your husband drove away. How could you leave two precious little ones like your two grandchildren. That will be happening to me and my husband when our daughter and her husband have their little one, and we live thousands of miles apart. Beautiful post!

    ps. you don't look like a grandma.