Monday, July 19, 2010

Eligible for Social Security?

 Well, today was Bob's 62nd birthday, eligible for Social Security.  How awesome must that feel ...and how lucky he is to have a young bride such as myself :-)

We had a do nothing day in celebration of his special day.  Went to the market for a few things and I made Mediterranean Pasta and Parmesan biscuits for his Birthday dinner.

After dinner we watched Avitar, which was a great movie. Enjoyed a nice bottle of wine with our friends, and munched on chocolate covered blueberries! Actually found ourselves throwing up the white flag and turning in at an appropriate bedtime of 9:30!!

Happy to hear my Mom made it home from her travels to Montana and to my sister Deanna's in Torrance CA. She loves being with her family and she has had a lot of that this last month! She had a great time but said it was great to be home...glad my son's are near by while I'm still on the road. Word has is she has a lunch date with my son Brian this week!  Dad would be proud that the kids are there for her.  I'm hoping before summers end we can have a big family barbecue with Mom, my siblings and the grand kids.  Nothing a Mom loves more than having her entire family together at one time.  Enough has changed for her without my Dad, the least we can do is our best to still have the all family functions...... Not always an easy feat, but we always try!

Though I'm having the time of my life, I so miss our California family and friends. I'm starting to count the days until we can see them again.

Until then, more Colorado memories to be made and the Land of Oz still awaits me.....


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