Monday, July 5, 2010

Another Day on the Road...

Morning got off to a somber start with a phone call that Bob's brother Larry passed away last night.  He had not been ill, due to retire at the end of August, mowed his lawn and appears to have had a heart attack.  Bob will fly to Spokane for the memorial service from wherever we happen to be at the time.  We know we will be with Larry again someday, until then we have memories...

Checked out of our Hotel with 322 miles on our trip odometer and the world at my feet? not sure why I always store everything where I am supposed to stretch out, headed to the Splash Cafe for a great breakfast.  Hopped back onto Hwy. 1 North, 12 miles down the road to Morro Bay to find very low clouds and cool temperatures.

Next stop Cambria, one of my favorite little towns.  Made it down one block and had to photograph a street sign that read "nitt witt" no joke.  We then discover Nitt Witt is a historical landmark so, we had to check it out.  Just for grins I popped out of the car while Bob was taking the photo and told him it occured to me I should take his photo next to the address sign :-) the sign hanging in front of the toliets read, "next tour at 1:00".......we passed.

Just prior to Hearst Castle we passed a herd of cattle....bummer to be a cow on the beautiful Pacific huh?  I spied several Zebra's as well which I was pleasantly surprised to see.  The next sign for viewing was Elephant Seals.....Zebra's , elephants and seals??? Well of course not, they were elephant seals...that was for grins as well.... We had a little photo opp of the big sounded as though it had very bad heart burn or about to deliver!

Those who know me know I am not at all fond of crooked roads, especially the kind with huge drop offs, hundreds of feet down.  You may be asking yourself what I was thinking agreeing to this trip..First of all, I wasn't. I'm simply being a good sport as my husband has wanted to do this for some time now.  After experiencing some mild yet all the same.... car/sea sickness from occasionally looking left....I did make it crystal clear that I would not agree to traveling south on highway 1..ever!  Not a lot of room for error if you are on the south bound lanes.  I have some documentation of the treacherous conditions I "volunteered" for....however beautiful ..and it was that indeed. The above bridge was the two lane road we traveled across....yikes!

We arrived in Carmel only to find the rest of the our fellow road trippers of the world in the same spot....another quick exit as we again escape the crowds.  Big Sur was so beautiful, I loved all the forests lining the narrow road, I long for the redwoods and then my beautiful Montana.
If you look at the lower left corner of the photo to the right, that is the roof of a house just under the green tree tops.... Not enough medication for me to even stop by for a cup of tea!
It has been brought to my attention that I haven't posted photos of our little Wilson.  Many of you have met him as he did make the 2005 road trip with us and he is still living at home with us.  On the towel rack above sits Wilson.  Long story short; I dug him up in my flower bed thinking I had an archeological find in my hands..  I shared this thought with many people over a period of several weeks.  Then the day came I showed it to my oldest son Mike, who with a smirk told me "that is the rock that was in my aquarium".  I was disappointed to say the least.  Nuff said, Wilson became a part of the family and it has been said (if even just by me) that Wilson's little smirk does change to fit the mood of his surroundings.  So be on the look out, Wilson will be in our road trip photos and may even visit you one day!
Spending the evening as well as tomorrow in Monterrey, maybe a little shopping and a trip to the famous aquarium.  We have a lovely room at the Hotel Pacific (thanks Rebecca), showered, fed and sitting by the fire.....yes a fire, it cold here.  Until tomorrow :-)

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