Saturday, September 26, 2015

Summer Was Here for a Minute, Already into Fall ~

It was just summer, I look up and Fall has arrived!!

It has been a very busy September to be sure.
I kept meaning to sit down and blog, it just never happened.
Busy with Ms. Khloe and little Ellery, the time flies by.

I stepped down from the Women's Ministry Team, freed myself up to
take some classes, I do love the study of my faith.

On Monday evenings I'm taking a class called The Way of the Heart, taught by the Pastor of my Church.
Course Description:  
The Way of the Heart Course is designed to be a robust and extended training in the Christian life.  It is an eight-month experiential, communal, and theological journey into the depths of our call to participate in the Triune life of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  It is the intent of this course to see our individual stories as sharing in not only the stories of others but the grand story of God Himself, and this will be accomplished through in depth reflection on the Christian life, open and honest sharing, and a furthering of the prayer life.
Big commitment but I'm loving it!

On Tuesday mornings I am taking my very first BSF class, (Bible Study Fellowship) and I'm very excited about it. The study is of the book of Revelation. I believe a seven or eight month commitment as well.

On Tuesday evenings Bob and I are back with our original Small Group doing a study on the book of Hebrews. So happy to be back with our old friends.

Whew....little overwhelming to see it all laid out together....

I have also been on the journey of planning (along with an amazing team), 
Women's retreat for the last 6 or so months.
The First weekend of October is the big event and I sense it's going to be awesome.
It's such a blessing to be a part of blessing the women of our church with a weekend away from  their responsibilities of home. A time where they can actually retreat, relax enjoy the hot springs, pool, or taking some long naps!  We also have an amazing speaker lined up, Carol Hopson, who spoke to us last year and was very well received.

Not gonna lie, I will be glad when the weekend arrives,
and glad to have another one in the books and behind me.
The two weeks leading up to the event is full of last minute details,
Little bits of stress here and there, all the while hoping we haven't forgotten a thing!

 I haven't managed to get to enjoying all of your blogs as much as I would like...
maybe October will allow more time to visit you and to blog my thoughts.
(Seems I said this last month?)

This life is a journey glad to be on it with each of you !
It's what echos from my heart today....

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Hello September ~

Well another August in the books.
Too many hot days and very happy to be entering Fall!

We did our 2nd annual Moonlight Ampitheater night with 
my son and his family.  This year it was Shrek and I can tell you
the adults enjoyed it as much as the children!
Picnic dinner,and birthday cake before the main event, 
our little Ellery Grace turned two!

This is her trying on the dress Namaw bought her, she is a girly girl!

 We sang happy birthday, several in the audience joined in and made it extra special.

This Khloe girl turned four (can't believe it) while we were on our trip.
She is a fan of the programs, she studies them as if she can read, it's adorable to watch
her study each page so carefully ;-)

Such a special time with them, I love it!

We have had some very hot days so we traded in our little round wading pool
for one this Namaw can enjoy as well!

Couple of beach days...

Several dress up days...

 Ellery walks around with her arms up so her bracelets don't fall off ...

Khloe and Ellery's Momma is back to teaching so hanging out with the girls and Pa...

Pa bought himself some golf clubs and is very excited about playing 
more regularly!

I hope the fall season brings you a slower pace, and peace and calm into your lives.. 

It's what echos from my heart today!