Sunday, July 18, 2010

Picnic at 14,264 Feet


So today Bob and I have been married ten years and so begins the eleventh :-)
Woke up late due to our midnight bowling.....

Today we were headed to the Arapaho National Forest, specifically to Mt. Evans elevation 14,264 ft., really?
"What might that road look like?", I asked, fearful of the answer.  Scott handed Bob a map and Bob starts laughing, "the road is called, Oh My God Road".  Again, really?  At this exact moment I am actually excited about the flat lands of Kansas we will be traveling to next!!!!!

The road only had moments where I had to put my head into Bob's shoulder with eyes closed.  Part way up we stop to take some photos of the Bristle Cone Pines, trees that are over 1,000 years old!

Tell me these trees don't have shades of Wizard of Oz?  I'm expecting faces to appear and arms limbs start moving at any moment.

My best bud and I :-)

I was told we still have a ways to go, I look up at the road that continues to wrap it self up and around this mountain....the cars look really we go.  Turns out we all survived the ride up and it really was beautiful.  I discovered what my son's have been telling me for years about breathing, feeling weird, etc... from the high elevations where they fish in High Sierra's.  I am feeling a little light headed and for sure it took a concentrated effort to breath properly here above the tree line.

We climb up the mountain a little ways, spotted a mountain goat the size of a horse lying high up on the mountain watching all us tourists.  The view, again was incredible.

After climbing back down we decide its time for some lunch so we find the perfect picnic spot.

We had to have Scott and Bob pose for a silly photo, we do this when we get together :-)

We enjoyed the lunch, the company, the beautiful surroundings and the drastic change in temperature that required our jackets.  Around 4:30 we head back down the mountain to the 90 plus degree weather and a nice big steak dinner for us four exhausted adults, whose topic of the day has been.....we are just too old to continue to stay up late, Wii or no Wii...... So at about 10:30ish us old folk called it a day...the happiest of anniversaries yet!

and yes......another tunnel !

It was indeed a great day in Colorado.........


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  1. You are a good looking group! It looks like a fun picnic to me. Heights don't bother me, but I think you are a good sport Debi, especially on that highest road. Thank you for sharing this fun trip. Colorado is one of my husband and my favorite states. We are thrilled every time we get to visit it.