Sunday, June 21, 2015

Memories Etched in My Mind and on My Heart~

Father's Day

The laugh from the the gut, without sound....I remember.

His break of a smile...I remember it well.

So often in the day to day living of life, I spot him.
In a strangers smile...
The first time it got me was in church. He was an elderly man sitting in front of me.
Those are my Dad's hands.
I could no longer hear what was being taught from the pulpit, I just kept staring at those hands.
Taking it in, remembering Dad's hands, knowing eventually the gentle man would exit the church..
Like losing sight of Dad...again.

I was introduced to a sweet elderly man at the river last weekend.
 As I took his hand to shake it, I saw my Father's hands again. I may have held on longer than normal, he didn't seem to mind...
My eyes met his and there they were, beautiful eyes, cloudy and shaped just like Dad's...
He didn't stay to chat for long....I watched until I lost sight of him.

The memories of my Dad are many, far to many to account for.
I see him every where.
A green freshly mowed lawn.
The rose bushes he bought me.
Water pumps.
Old Fords :-)
My son's love for fishing.

Admittedly, I find myself looking at the hands of strangers. The leap of my heart when I spot those much like his.
 Father's Day, surely he deserved a day of his own.....for the rest he gave to us.

How I look forward to our heavenly reunion, where I'm sure to receive a Poppa hug.
It's what echos from my heart today.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Ready to Enjoy Life More Fully!

This is the face of the reitred man being surprised by family and friends!
June 7th I pulled off a surprise, which is no easy feat for me.
My cousins husband took him golfing for the day, and at the determined time
he had to make up an excuse to stop the 18 hole course at hole 10 (Yikes) in order
to get him back home for the celebration.
I can tell you, he was very surprised.

I could not have pulled it off without the help of my son's, daughter in law, 
and my cousin Linda, she saved me from near death,
well, lets just say she was a really big help.

Linda with her new best friend Khloe, watching for Pa to arrive.

The party was family and some folks Bob has a very long history with.
He was thrilled to see each and every one!

Most of all he was thrilled our oldest grandchildren made the trip!!

He spent the afternoon trying to visit with each, he was clearly a happy man.

After all was cleared away, everyone departed for home he settled down with a cigar,
staring at what became a canvas for the grands that day, chalk art.
He told me he was overwhelmed with the emotion of the day, and the best part was having
the grandkids together (minus two)....he shed a few tears.
Translation, successful surprise!!
 The chalk art was to precious to pick just a couple....

Now, where is that honey do list????

We have already planned a nice vacation to celebrate, the list can wait ....
Happy man, he echos from my heart for sure......