Tuesday, November 25, 2014

On Being Thankful ~


:  conscious of benefit received thankful
:  expressive of thanks <thankful service>
:  well pleased :  glad thankful
that it didn't rain>
thank·ful·ness noun
I, like many have used Facebook to be a part of thirty days of thanks. Posting each day something I'm thankful for.
I have to admit, every year that I type out the first thing I'm thankful for, I hear a voice in my head that says, "why do you only do this in November?"  Okay, I don't publicly share my thanks daily and perhaps I should. Perhaps it puts others in thought pattern of being thankful too.
 For some,
 thankful  when they might otherwise believe there is little to be thankful for.

Sharing what I'm thankful for, reminds me of what really matters in my life.  If I were to loose all material things, and have not a dime.......I would still have each of the things I have listed for the last 25 days. My family, my church/family, my beloved Bible and my awesome friends......so much thankfulness!
So for those that may be making that mental list of what you don't have....might I suggest you take a moment and make a list of what you do. That is the list of what really matters most.....

It's easy to become overwhelmed with what or who we've lost in our lives, especially this time of year. There are always people worse off to be sure, but it doesn't always make us feel a lot better in the knowing of that. I trust it's difficult because we tend to daily make the things, as the most important  in life.                           
  It's really the people around you, they are what matter.
 Large in number or small, they are what matter.

Praying for those who struggle at this time of year...praying you find a place of hope if you have none.. For me that is my faith, my awesome church and the imperfect people in it.  
We are community!
 Thankful for my fellow bloggers always!
Thankfulness is what echos from my heart daily. 
Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Monday Minute ~ OZ

Been awhile since my last post, but here I am with no promises of consistency in my future blogging :-)

Shoulder issues (possible rotator cuff) have slowed down everything so leaves little time to blog.
I've missed this community and hope to catch up with each of you!

Wanted to stop in and at minimum share the Halloween photos of Khloe and Ellery.

Warning, the cuteness is off the charts!

My love of The Wizard of Oz only added to the news they would dress as Dorthy and the Lion :-)

Told ya!

These beautiful little ones, no words to express the joy they add to my life.
It's what echos from my heart today....