Saturday, July 17, 2010

Shop, Dine and Water Sports?

Yes, we started the day at Invesco Field home of Bob and Tami's Denver Bronco's.  Scott and I went into take a look only because it was too hot to sit in the jeep.  Scott a Seahawk fan, myself Kansas City Chiefs!!  I will tell you I was very excited for Bob, I know how I would feel to see my teams home field and I know how much he loves his Bronco's.

Bob was like a kid in a candy shop with all the Bronco goods for sale. Scott and I felt trapped in a sea of blue and orange....but heck marriage is about give and take.....right?  He left with a pair of Bronco shorts and a story to tell.

From Invesco Field we headed to the Mall on a very warm day to wander through the stores air conditioning.  Bob and Scott were troopers as Tami and I went into most every shop that may have had something we needed wanted.  I left with a few items.....nuff said..... there may or may not have been a stop at Ms. Field's cookies.

After walking several miles of mall, a stiff back and feet swollen enough to be mistaken for Fred Flintstones....we made the decision to  depart to our next destination.

Next stop was the Sushi Den, a treat from Scott and Tami for our up coming anniversary :-) lucky us!

We ate until we could eat no more, I broke down and tried eel.....ewwwwwwe :-( Not a fan....I am more the, whatever has cream cheese in it I will love.  Great time sharing a meal with our pals but really, I can't wait to get home and do some more Wii bowling!!

Upon returning to the Gotham house hold, (sounds very batmanish no?) we meandered out to the beautiful deck on the back of the house for re hashing the day and enjoying a glass of wine.  So beautiful out there and really, really relaxing!  We stayed until Bob threw up the white flag to the mosquitoes. Mosquitoes 6 Bob 0 for this trip....they really like him.

My bowling game was a success, I bowled a 200!  I remember when I bowled my first real 200 ...I couldn't wait to call my Dad and share the news, he was so happy for me!  After three games of bowling we switched to water sports.....wake boarding to be exact.

 After wake boarding we switched to ping pong, then basketball and ended the night....very early morning hour of 1:30ish A.M. with another round of bowling!  Crawling into bed the entire left side, rear to toe was nearly non functional!  This late night gaming / workouts have got to be scaled down!

 Logan, clearly was letting us know he would like to get back to his usual bedtime!!!


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