Thursday, January 31, 2013

Movie Night ~

We don't go out to movies very often.
One, the cost....yikes!

I hate to even admit, I payed $4.00 for a small bottle of water!!!

Rather let me tell you why we watch video from home.
One, the cost....quite reasonable.
Two, there are two clean restrooms and no lines.
Three, blanket and fireplace...... 
Four, we have surround sound,
Five, a sixty five inch T.V screen....

There may be an occasional movie released that for sure
will be better on the big screen. 

The Titanic, a good example.
Just made the big ship look, well, big!

The true reason behind this post isn't really about where you watch.
The real reason is I am  surprised how many good movies
slip under the radar and may never be seen by movie lovers.

So, I am recommending a movie both the hubstir and I enjoyed.
It came to us from my oldest son Mike, who is serious about fishing. 

I was a little skeptical but then again he isn't the movie 
recommending son...that is my youngest Brian, who is
all about movies.
Who's in it, who directed it, a list of all they've directed get the idea.
So, I thought it must be pretty good if Mike is recommending..

Salmon Fishing on the Yemen

I love Emily Blunt who stars in it so we gave it go.
 Loved it!
It's not a blockbuster at Titanic levels but I am recommending it as a good movie.
I would watch it again.
Hope you will check it out and let me know what you thought!

Dim the lights,  bottle of water under four dollars in hand (smile), fireplace going, couch, blanket, check!

Gearing up for movie night, is what echos from my heart today :-)

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Change, I Don't Much Care For It ~

Change is something I have never much cared for.

A blog I follow, My Front Porch (expect beautiful photos)
was about the rural mailboxes that 
had to change out to the cold steal ones, with zero personality...

I first realized this when I had at last mastered the electric typewriter.
Just when I'm feeling all proud of my 65 words per minute it happened.

The Word Processor 

I was so annoyed, I didn't want to learn a different way, I like the way it is!

Then the first I realized "style" change.
I was the biggest fan of bell bottom jeans, usually purchased in the Hermosa Beach  the location of, 
Jeans I loved that store.  How I love my bell bottom blue jeans, 
they were so.....70's!

No it's not me....Honesty, I pride myself on it......
But don't you love them!  
Very upset when the style changed to straight leg jeans,
What was I to do, didn't want to remain the hold out on fashion....
and then
Seriously, bell bottoms are back in style??????
Of course I bought them again......

Can I tell you that I have 4 cases of record albums stored!
Yes, the CD has better sound quality and I now own close to 450 of them....
I was perfectly happy with my albums and that somewhat scratchy...recorded sound...
However, I'm a lover of all genres of music and once I heard how great the CD sounded
I conformed.
As aside,
I still love the thought of playing my albums, and that scratchy sound
 is now big with many of the young.
Turntables are once again lining the shelves.....and I really want one!
Who knew?

I'm a teapot fan.

I have wonderful, treasured memories of drinking hot tea as a little girl with my Mom.
Milk and sugar please :-)
Mom loved teapots too, therefore I'm the proud owner of approximatey 15 to 20 beautiful tea pots.
What does this have to do with change?
For years I had a cooper tea pot on my stove at all times, a gift from my sister Deanna.
Then came.......

The radar range/micro wave oven.
I may have been one of the last on earth to own one.
My first was actually a housewarming gift from my sister Dona and her husband Ralph
in 1988 !!
I felt I didn't need it, would have no use for it.
Well, I do admit it's great for melting butter, popping popcorn,
 (though I loved the Jiffy on the stove thingy you had to keep moving)
and the best for reheating my coffee every day,
often up to 8 times....yep the same cup.

 Just this past year my sister Deanna bought me an electric teapot.
Well, I never.
Ok, I did and I love it!
I still love my tea pots and long for a case of sorts to display them.
When that happens I will still use those beautiful pots, when I have company.
 I may use if for myself when I'm alone with a memory!

Let it be known,
I'm very thankful for change that has come before me.
I love electricity, but I still love to burn candles as an option :-)
 I do love taking the car to Montana every year and not the dreaded covered wagon.
Though I was very good at it I'm thankful I no longer have to get up to flip through 
channels and move the antenna.. OK, so this one wasn't before my time....honesty.....

 I don't like when life changes, when best friends move away, but I love going to visit!

I don't like when the life of someone I love comes to an end.
 I'm thankful I have God's promise because of my faith,
 that I will see them again.

I also love when a baby's birth reminds me,
One life end's as another begins and I can experience joy again. 
That lesson was in the birth of my great niece
Ruby Louise Lemon Green, yep
she made me joy filled!

So, change isn't so bad.
Well except for wrinkles, bellies, and all things that sag.
Honestly, not liking that so much......

Change, it echos from my heart today......

Monday, January 28, 2013

Outdoor Fun and Did We Ruin it For Our Kids?

When I was a kid (yes I still remember) I couldn't wait to get outside.
" Mom what do I have to do before I can go outside?" 
Mom would then provide me with the chores I had to do first.
Please somebody tell me kids still have chores!!!!

My life was riding my bike, rollerskating, softball and games with 
the neighbor kids such as Mother may I, Hide-n -Go Seek.
Heck I can remember playing cards with my friend Joni on the front
porch....anything to be outside.

It was brought to my attention when reading my friend Judy's blog,
which I do hope you will check out, it's one of favorites!
( )
Her most recent post included photos out in the country of ice skating ponds
along the road side.  Large gatherings of kids heading to the pond to skate.

I had to stop and think about when I was a kid the neighbor hood streets were lined with kids
playing in the fresh air and sunshine.
Now I can drive though neighbor hoods and rarely see a child outdoors.

Where did they go?
My guess it the majority of them are playing video games or parked in front of
the televison.
My sons used to love playing outside, digging holes, climbing trees, playing with
their over sized trucks, riding bikes.


I can remember when my sons first received Nintendo for Christmas.
It was instantly all they wanted to do.  I just assumed it's because it was
the latest craze and a new will loose it's power over them soon enough.
I recall tellling them it was time to turn it off and go play outside...
" but Mom, I'm at level 19 "
Mom, "okay just a little longer".
The corrupter of outdoor play had become their everything.
" Mom, my thumbs hurt "  What????

The two boys were so taken in, that alarms were being set for pre dawn hours
just to get some games in before school.

I finally set a time limit which was always met with,
" Just one more game".

That's it, Nintendo was sent to their Dad's where they could only play it
every other weekend.

These kids still didn't get too excited about outdoor play.
They preferred  going over their baseball card collection,
forever checking the latest Beckett magazine to see if they had
increased in value or not.

It then became, okay they play with the cards
 but they would be doing so out on the porch.
Determined to get some fresh air and vitamin D for them.
They watched the movie Tombstone so many times it was crazy.
When they start quoting dialogs from every scene, before the actors...
Houston we have a problem.

Maybe it's just me but I find it sad that kids continue to be allowed to sit in front
of video games and television rather than out getting some exercise.

Childhood obesity, oh yes!!!

I heard a very alarming number of kids under eight years old are becoming
diabetic due to their weight and lack of movement.
Shame on their parents if it's due to the above.
It's an entire different blog when we talk obese children and the parents
that buy them all the junk they are living on!!!
Then feel bad for their kids because they are being teased at school about
their weight....the same kids that are picked last for teams, the same kids that
have few if any friends.

 And those videos.....

I'm amazed at the content of the video games and how real they look today.
Heads being shot off and your kids pulling the trigger.
" They are just having fun... '
Really, that's the kind of fun you want them to have? 

Come on parents, pull up your big person panties and be the parent to your child.
It's not about being popular with or you being their friends.
They don't need you as a friend they need you to parent.

Let's be a part of  the kids growing up in fresh air and sunshine.
You know, healthy!

It breaks my heart to know video games and television
are full of unhealthy content yet children are given permission to
 watch most

I'm really hoping to someday see neighborhoods full of kids
 having fun outdoors again.

Thanks for the reminder Judy!

Healthy kids, it's what echos form my heart today......

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Time ~

Need More Time ? 

Then learn to say

No, a tough word for me to say in years past.

I was the one you want at your Tupperware, Candle, Jewelry party.
When asked, will you have a party in your home?  
Why Yes!
As that day neared, " why did I say yes to having this party?"
It's always more than opening your home.
There will be snacks to prepare, after all if the buyers are full
 they are likely to stay longer and buy more.!
The house needs to be cleaned.
Your own family displaced during the party.
The last two guests who are cozy on the couch catching up 
on time that has past (since the last party). 
The fact, you now are cleaning up from the festivites is not
and indicator to them it's time to call it a night.....
All you can think about is the length of time your
 husband kids have been 
displaced from the gathering spot of their home.
Why didn't I just say no?
How much time was spent on things I wish I'd said no to?

As I've gotten older more mature, I find I am saying no  a lot 
more often and with out guilt while doing so.

So many are so over committed to
things outside the home.

Are they aware of what's left behind each time they commit
 to yet another thing?

Eventually it begins to have an affect on them in varying forms.
Neglecting responsibilities to their home and families.
Fatigue, lack of exercise, poor diet, lack of sleep,
malnourished relationships.
Anxiety because their always on the run, trying to keep up with 
this hectic schedule they've committed to. 

When the family does have time with you, 
your exhausted, unorganized, 
 giving them what little is left in your tank.
 The left over you!
At least this was becoming the case with me.

Are you missing more of the,
 ever important evening meal time?
That time
where families used to come together?
Even if the meal was eaten in silence,
it was the unspoken "our" time.

Are you giving up to much time with your spouse?
The only time in the day
that there is time for each other?
Spending more of your " free " time with friends 
rather than your spouse? 

Of course I make time for my friends, but the balance
of that scale had to tip a little more in
favor of the person I committed to making
a life with.

I've come to a place in my life, where I realized, 
it was all too much.  
Trying to remember what I've committed to 
and on what day.
is it that day already? 

Hurrying to make another quick meal for my husband
 before I head out.
Another meal he'll eat alone.

forgetting little things I was to do with my family because
of an over crowded , full to capacity memory space that
 was storing all the other commitments!

My days turned into nights too quickly, 
tomorrows came  in a flash.

A planned family function, 
yet forgetting to prepare
for it until the night prior....
At which point I would then become
frazzled and rushed!

It's when it occurred to me!

It's passing me by, 
I'm not enjoying the moments.

something I feel I have too little of
 with each year that passes.

I want to slow it down, I want to treasure it.
I want to give it the value it has deserved all along.
I want to make it count.

I have friends and I want them 
to know, that they matter to me.
That I have time for them!

I want time with my kids and my grand kids.
Special time, not having to go and do.

Just time.

I want my marriage full, time spent unhurried.
Enjoying our meals together, watching a movie,
 playing cards, working on 
household projects. 

 That precious time when everything else
 has to stop and it becomes our time.

Our Time.

Reading in a room across from each other,
occasionally sharing what's read.
words are not required for it to be,
 our time 

Time, lived, well.

Not giving more of myself to everyone else,
all of it, time I could have spent with my family.

Serving God and others still,
but with a greater balance.
Too recommit to being the 
Wife and Mother God intended me to be.

A calender with more days,

As a woman with less commitments,
 I'm realizing at a much greater level how much I enjoy
my time with
my family and friends.

Time I never realized just how much I missed.
Not hurried time, time well spent.

I think of ~
Time I have missed and will never get back.....

I doubt that when the day comes that I'm nearing my life's end,
  that I will wish I had committed to more time away
those I love the most.
Less commitment has changed so much of my life.
 living it more how it was to be lived all along.

After making this change in my life in regard to my time,
I happen to read the latest book by author Mitch Albom,
The Time Keeper....
.good little read with some good little points to ponder.

Affirmation that I have made a wise decision
as to how I spend the time in my life.

Time, how will you spend yours?

Unhurried time, is what echos from my heart today.....

Monday, January 7, 2013

I Love ~

Was sitting thinking tonight about how much I love to read.
I then asked myself, what else do I really love.
Not love a little, but love a lot!

If you aren't interested stop here..
I kinda just want to see it in print :-)

I love God the most!
I love my husband.

Bob my hubby.

Family, there are no words for how much I love my family.
Childhood to present day...I love them deeply.

 Friends, I treasure a true friendship.

Blue jeans, boots, silver jewelery.

Music of all genres


Ice Cream
flowers, clouds,trees.

Streams, creeks, lakes, ponds, oceans,
okay all bodies of water......

I love my home and spending time in it.

Birds, especially little chubby birds :-)

I love cherries, fake, real, or painted on anything.

My Bible.


I love old water pumps!

The Wizard of Oz...because, because, because, because, because get the idea.
The Sound of Music and Dr. Zhivago...

I love teapots, I love tea.

I love tender hearts, big hearts, good hearts 
 I love to love a hurting heart .....

Bowls, oh how I love my bowls. ( I think I've posted on them before..)


I love hugs, laughter, Yahtzee and Scrabble.

I love my camera, and photographs.
(  I'm so pleased if I take a great photo.... )

I love camping, campfires, tents and fishing.

I love my country!
Babies...I love all the babies.....

Now I'd love to hear how others answer this question.

If stranded on a deserted island what three things would you take with you?
Not to include,  humans or pets.....
There will be electricity on my island by the way.

My three things;
photographs and my Bible.

What are your three?

Finding out what my friends and family love,
it's what echos from my heart today!

What are You Reading?

A Great Read

The Girls

This was a book club book, for the most part everyone really liked it.
It's about the relationship of sisters that are physically attached.  
What their thoughts are about it,
 how they overcame obstacles,
 how they lived their lives, 
and how they loved. 

Our current book is, The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom
 (author of the wonderful, Tuesday's with Morrie)
As always, lessons will be learned when you are finished with it.
Time, we so take it for granted don't we? Check it out!

I've just started a new book, 
Thirty Rooms To Hide In

True story about the family of, Dr. C. R. Sullivan, Orthopedist at the Mayo Clinic.
I choose this book for two reasons.
The first, some may find odd :-)
 I read that Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers was 
reading it . I'm curious as to who reads what kind of books!
The second was the curiosity was so strong :-)
It's written by the Son of the late Dr. Sullivan......
So far a good read...will let you know!

I love reading and would love to know what your favorite books are ?

Love of reading is what echos from my heart today.....

Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy New Year, We Begin Again !

Christmas was awesome this year.
It began with a Christmas brunch at my home with my sisters and their families.

Ms. Khloe

My Niece Amanda and my Daughter in law Katie

Katie, my sister Dona and her daughter my niece Summer.

Sister Deanna, Great Niece Ruby Lu, my oldest son Mike.

Then Christmas Eve with my immediate  family ...

As she realized it was a Mickey Mouse chair :-)

Khloe with her Daddy Mike...

Son Brian and his girlfriend Brittney...


Love the sight of their stockings....


Christmas Day at Mike and Kaite's house....

Uncle Brian and Khloe

Katie opens gift Khloe and I made her :-) Mistletoes !

Khloe with Gramma Cindie, testing the new chair :-)



Christmas with our oldest Grand daughters,
Julia and Aubrie was a three day trip to downtown San Diego.

Our Hotel ~

Proud Grandpa

Amused by the, pull the chain flush toilet :-)

Our hot chocolate spot!

Went to see a play, Festival of Christmas.

Yep, we did a little shopping...

Jenga in the hotel room.

Julia, Gramma and Aubrie...

Out for our "fancy" dinner :-)

I may have let her jump on the hotel bed....

Grandpa and Aubrie :-)

Family traditions...

Brownies....more tradition.

A photo favorite, Bob shot a photo of the girls and I having lunch.
So blessed I am......

So we now begin again, a New Year.

My goal is to live more fully.
Do all I do more fully.
Each day a precious one,
enough so,
we should live each as if it were our last.

My thoughts of those fighting for their lives.
My thoughts for those fighting for our lives.

Though I don't know what this New Year will bring,
our God in Heaven does.

From my favorite daily read, Jesus Calling, by Sarah Young (highly recommended)

COME TO ME with a teachable spirit, eager to be changed.  A close walk with Me is a life of continual newness.  Do not cling to old ways as you step into a new year.  Instead, seek My Face with an open mind, knowing that your journey with Me involves being transformed by the renewing of your mind.  As you focus your thoughts on Me, be aware that I am fully attentive to you.  I see you with a steady eye, because My attention span is infinite.  I know and understand you completely;
My thoughts embrace you in everlasting Love.  I also know the plans I have for you: plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give your hope and a future.  Give yourself full to this adventure of increasing attentiveness to My Presence.

My friends,
just know you are never alone.

Peace and happiness to each of you in this new year!
It's what echos from my heart today.......