Friday, July 16, 2010

Let the Fun Begin !

Day one in Thornton Colorado....

Spent my morning doing laundry that has accumulated since July 3rd....funny how when I'm away from home I kinda miss folding clothes.  It's one of those chores I enjoy doing because I am able to let go of the useless information taken in.  We tend to hold on to info in our heads that isn't really that important and makes it difficult to focus on that which is important to us.  So as I fold my clothes I am relaxed, and focused on the things that matter. How thankful I am to have had the time with my family in Montana, how glad I am to be out of the car for a few days, and how nice it is to not have to get up early and hit the road.  Time for some fun with Scott and Tami!

Late afternoon we headed to Bolder Colorado to the Pearl Street Mall.  Interesting outdoor mall setting, filled with people of all kinds.  Many are students of University of Colorado whose mascot it the buffalo. This was my second visit to Pearl Street and I have to say, I can't help but feel I've been  dropped  back in all the way back to the 70's.  The attire of the extremely laid back youngsters, much like what I was wearing then.  Faded blue jeans, blue jean shorts, gauze
tops, chokers made of beads and leather, gals with minimal make up if any.  Great little place to people watch!

There were a few young street musicians scattered throughout the outdoor area.  Some on guitar, with cases lying open on the ground for tips $$, some accompanied the guitars with voice.
Always happy to hear music wherever I am....

There was a young boy on an old upright piano that was so incredibly good I had to wonder, "why are you here in an outdoor mall and not being paid to perform like that".  I'm hoping he is a music major or at minimum that he never lets that talent go to waste.

The above photo is of Tami and Scott at the outdoor seating area of where we had a great early dinner under the very warm Bolder sun.  The food was great and we left very full and lethargic from the meal, heat and oh ya, we stopped and bought a couple scoops each of Haagen - Dazs.  Not to often I don't feel like shopping and they do have some great shops here!

We got home, complained to each other about how full we were for about 30 minutes and then......bring on the Wii !!  If you've never played a Wii game, its a blast and quite a workout rather you intended that or not :-)  We started with bowling, at which time I announced to those who may not have been aware, " I used to play on a league".... :-)

  I took the game of bowling kinda serious, felt a little competitive...okay a lot competitive..... I pulled from my memory bank several tips my Dad gave me back in the 70's when he and I were on a league together.  How to pick up certain spares by hitting the pin at just the right spot, from just the right angle.  He taught me the same in the game of pool....these memories bring a smile to my face.

We also played baseball, basketball, archery, and cycling.....found ourselves ready to call it quits at around 1:00 A.M !!  We are too old to be keeping these kind of hours....and my arm is sore?

I failed to mention how awesome our quarters are here in the Gotham household.  We have the downstairs to ourselves and here is what all we have....

Yep, life is tough here in Thornton......

I can't not share a photo of Logan the Gotham family cat.  Logan is 20 years old and just isn't ready to leave this house, and his mom states, he's had a good life! 
Looking forward to another day of fun and adventure with our friends....stay tuned!



  1. I especially like the action shots here!!! I didn't know you used to be in a league! We should go bowl together sometime! Let the games begin!

  2. This trip sure does sound like a lot of fun. I enjoy good games of Wii although I never bowled. You all look like pros on the pictures. I think Boulder, CO is a beautiful place. I was there in a snowstorm.