Tuesday, July 13, 2010

River of Love .....

This store sign started my day with a smile....my first thought the Wizard of Oz of course!!  My favorite movie which I have already mentioned and I can assure you it won't be the last :-)

Bob and I repacked the car checked out of our Hotel and headed to Bozeman to meet 18 of my relatives for breakfast at I Hop!  I know, is my day pretty awesome so far?  From there we headed out toward Gallatain Gateway in route to Greek Creek, a little camp ground of about 5 spaces on the rivers edge.  Today we would be putting my Aunt's, Uncle's and their beloved dogs ashes in the favorite spot of a few of us.
Cousin Jackie, cousin Gene son's of Uncle Jack, with Gene's son's Scott and Steve after the spreading of the ashes.  A bitter sweet time for all of us, on a perfectly beautiful day under a big blue Montana sky.  Some soft country music playing in the background as we stood with out conversation and tossed a variety of beautiful flowers onto the current of the waters my Uncle Jack loved to fish in.
We stood for some time just watching the flowers being carried further and further down stream.  I would wager most of us were thinking of the reunion this husband and wife had one November day in 2009.  Thanks for the memories Uncle Jack and Aunt Roseva, until we meet again.

So, the 20 of us said our good byes and promised to see each other again soon.  Everyone of us knowing full well that again, tomorrow is not promised.  Each loading back into their vehicles  heading back toward Bozeman, to continue living their own lives.

I always hope after events such as this that the people that participated can't help but start to think of how short this life is and how quickly someone we love could be gone.  Hope that it moves each to change in some positive way....telling someone they love them when those words have not been recently said.  Asking for or forgiving someone regardless of what the issue was. Talking less and  listening more.  Just something positive that can affect them or someone in a positive way.

Bob and I proceeded to begin our annual time on the Gallatin alone.  We open our bottle of wine, the same kind every year, Pouilly Fuiss`e.  Originally it was to toast Uncle Jack, then we added the celebration of another year married (7/17), Bob's parents and now my sweet Aunt Roseva.
We take photo's of the same things every year, we watch the rafters that float by and wave a friendly hello to each other. We sit back stare at the big sky, listening to nothing but the current moving past us. Yes, there is no place I would rather be than right in that very spot. Today we packed sandwiches and had our lunch at this favorite spot.
We enjoyed several hours and said good bye to our spot, until next year......We pack it up and head down the road to West Yellowstone.  Once we check in to our room we head to the Silver Spur Jeweler's where we bought Bob's wedding ring.  It is an Elks tooth ring that is really something to see.  We stop in and have the owner Greg clean the ring and catch up with him on the past year.  It is tradition to always spend some time with him!

We purchased some souvenirs for our children and grandchildren then headed to the Wild West Pizzaria for the best Pizza around, and yes its' tradition we eat there every year as well.  We actually had some entertainment this year, very unexpected but very much enjoyed!

 So, I'm about to lay my head down for my last night of sleep in Montana.  Tomorrow I will travel three blocks and I will be in Yellowstone Park in the state of Wyoming.  We will drive through the park and head to Colorado.  The state that holds two very special friends to Bob and I.   They are reminders of what real friends, true friends are.

Thank you Montana for all my new memories....until next year.  Hugs!

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