Friday, May 13, 2016

On this Day ~

 On this day in 2012,
Sunday the 13th, was Mother's Day.

It's the day my Mom left this earth and joined my Dad in heaven.
Tolerable, because I loved the thought of them together again.

I miss her still, always, deeply.
  That day was the beginning of another new normal. 
I'm still learning how to live without her in my life, I doubt
the learning is ever complete...
I do so miss those daily phone calls.
I try and fill my thoughts with crazy Nanny stories,
and there are many :-)

Mom  on the left, with her twin sister.
Mom on the right...

Mom on the right with twin sister....

Mom giving Beans her autographed copy of Witzy Wonders
Mom and Khloe Christmas 2011

They would have been great buds !

Thankful I had my Mom as long as I did....I know it was a gift many do not receive.

With a smile on my face, 
she echos from my heart today.........

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Motherhood ~

In 2012 on Mothers Day I lost my Mom...
I can't believe it's been four years, it seems like forever.
I will be thinking of her especially today.

The love between Mothers and daughters, 
it runs deep.
For me the awareness of just how deep came after the loss.
We always loved each other, it was just a deeper awareness of that love. 
A cousin mentioned to me, why is it we understand better,
we begin to really know them once they're gone?
I don't have the answer....
I can guess that if the depth was really clear it would have been much harder
to let them go...? 
She was a dandy and I'm glad she was my Mother.

Motherhood was something I so looked forward to....
so today I share those who call me
Mom, Fat, Smom or WSM..
(It's a long story)


Michael Paul 1977

I look at these and I, I was young and boy does Klohe look like her daddy!

Brian Ray 1980,  my little man :-)



Joseph added to the mix at age 12  :-)

Finally got my girl, Jackie!

Brian and Jackie
Happy Mother's Day to each Mother out there,
You are important, you are special.
I hope you each are greatly spoiled on your day!
I'm a blessed Momma,
Oh that they would know the depth of my love for each of them....
Its what echos from my heart today....