Friday, July 23, 2010

Calib and Dominic .........Our Little Men

Boys, boys and more boys!

So our newest grandson Calib Bruce Horton was born yesterday July 22, 2010 and he is perfect!  Head full of black hair....eyes and nose of his Mommy.....Ears, arms, legs and feet are Daddy's but that precious little face it just the same as his big brother Dominic.

Mommy is glad he is "out" and doing great.  You would never believe she just gave birth or that she went through 16 or so hours of labor with an epideral that never really worked completely.  God bless her, she is a trooper!
Daddy, Joseph is on cloud nine, so sweet to watch him in the early hours of his son's life.  Seeing that amazement , that recognition of this little miracle named Calib.  So blessed we could be here to witness that glow that is on a new Daddy's face!  He is indeed a proud Daddy.....
Congrats to Joseph and Angelina for a job well done!


Today we joined the little family at their home which is on base at Fort Riley. Spent the day and into the evening holding Calib and or being entertained by our cutie Dominic.  Dominic gets kudos for the best manners ever !  Good job Joseph and Angelina :-)

Angelina made a great dinner of caramelized pork chops, baked potatoes and green beans for us to share as a family.  I'm telling you she is like the ever ready bunny, she is amazing!  The food was too!

Words can't describe the day we had with our grandsons and their Mommy and tell the story of today best!

Ahhhhh....been a long wonderful day.  The good news is we get to do it again tomorrow :-)
Starting our day with the boys and their Mommy and Daddy....first stop I-Hop !  Stay tuned, tomorrow is going to be a great day, I can just tell......

P.S.  Mommy promised we could photograph her tomorrow when she hasn't just gone through 16 hours of labor, prepared a wonderful meal, did the laundry and entertained us :-)


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  1. Congratulations on another adorable little grandson! What special pictures you have to share of your good looking family. I like the name they chose too. I enjoy glimpses into your family life. Thanks for sharing. I am so excited for you.