Tuesday, July 28, 2015

You Had Me at Hello~

We said good bye to Richland Washington,
and to my Momma's twin, my Aunt Marguerite.

Motored our way South to Sister's Oregon.
It was instantly a favorite place thus far.....

Cabin 17 all ours...

Our beautiful Cabin #17

 The grounds are so beautiful, and quiet..
It includes a Spa, Brewery, Theater
Today Buster went to the Athletic club onsite and I had a massage!
Then we enjoyed the pool for a couple hours.

 Our 5P.M. Checkers match...at present time, we are tied.

Local fly fishing, midnight canoe adventure, rafting and more.
We will be back!!! 

Tomorrow we head to Klamath Falls to The Lodge at Running Y Ranch,
it looks wonderful :-) 

More miles to come, it's what echos from my heart today...


  1. It ALL looks soo wonderful. Such a beautiful place. So glad you are enjoying all of this. I've been sitting here thinking how neat it would have been if my mother had a twin....or even a sister left. It would have seemed like such a piece of her. My mom was the oldest but the last to pass away.......Continue to enjoy your time!

  2. I know it must be sad to say goodbye to Aunt Marguerite, but so glad you had time with her.

    The cabin? Wow - so very nice. You two are really having a wonderful time, and so I am 'cause you know
    it's my vacation too. Right?

    So, who won at checkers? :)


  3. I thought it was a hole in the roof with a water leak at first :) haha

  4. Is that a cabin or a house, Debi? Because I could live there!
    It is a gorgeous place and so tranquil looking.
    So good you were able to visit your Auntie, she looks like a sweetie.

  5. Cabin 17 is a place that I would love to stay in! What fun this trip has been for me to follow you on! You document in such a lovely and informative way, that by the time I am through reading each post, I feel like I was actually there in person. Thanks for sharing so many different aspects of your trip and your family with us.