Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Portland's Giant Book Store and Seattle's Best!

A little bit of heaven for me to be told about Powells Book store!
This book store was a city block, and three stories.
You bet I bought a book(s)..

We said good bye to Portland  and hello to Seattle.

We met up at Anthony's on the water with my cousins Greg and Cindy and their spouses for dinner.
Fabulous dinner, great company, memories gone over, and many, many laughs!!

Upon returning to our hotel room, I couldn't help but think about calling my Mom and sharing
with her about the fun that was had!  Looking forward to the next time we all get together :-)


Our second day in Seattle took us to Pikes Market, can I just say, lots of people!!
We had breakfast and shopped until we...until we needed a break from the crowds.

Very surprised to find yet another "bubble gum alley".


From there we found our way to the Monorail which took us to Seattle Center.
First stop was Chihuly Garden and Glass, my first thought upon arrival at the ticket counter,
pretty pricey!!!!
When we entered, the first exhibit told me it was worth every penny dollar.
I hope my photos do the artist justice, this is a must see exhibit.

This is a ceiling of glass....

The following are the chandeliers.....


 A garden of glass......

Below you will spy the Space Needle reflecting in some of the art....

Except for the plant material, this is all glass out in the garden....

The artist!

Next stop, up the space neddle, me...?
Uggh...I couldn't be this close and not do it!

It brought me some comfort, being from So Cal it crossed my mind.....

 Dinner is served.....

Tonight we say good bye to Seattle, tomorrow we head to Victoria B.C.,
high tea at the Empress Hotel is scheduled for 8:30 P.M., super excited.
Blessed to experience all these new places, it's what echos from my heart today...



    I just kept saying that out loud, Debi. Goodness gracious, girl, y'all are killin' me here with "our" vacation. I've never been to any of those places with the exception of Seattle when we were about five and six; we lived on the naval base at Whidbey Island, and we'd go to Seattle for the BEST hot turkey and dressing sandwiches. See? You're conjuring up memories for me. Thank YOU.

    Continue on, please!

    God bless you both

  2. ALL THAT GLASS!!! Gorgeous!!!!
    I could get lost in that bookstore.

  3. Seattle is such a fun place to visit! Glad you are enjoying the journey!