Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Old Friend ~

Love driving onto Whidbey Island, it's a beautiful place!
Here we had the opportunity to catch up with our old friend
David Wayne.  He treated us to such a great time, it was as
if no time had passed.

Hard to leave after just 24 hrs, he is the biggest hearted man I know.

We left the following morning after sharing breakfast with him, gave him an extra big hug
as we parted ways.
Off to the Cascade Hwy. en route to Winthrope Wa.
Beautiful drive ~

I love Cascadian Farms products and was very excited to stop.
Homemade Strawberry ice cream !

 Some trips are in search of the perfect Margarita, some, ice cream....

We were encourage to see this gentlemen biking the Hwy., we are considering trying it next time.
Ha! Not!
 Off our balcony at our cabin......

Winthrop, never disappoints....
Tomorrow we head to Idaho, get to reconnect with my high school buddy!!

It's what echos from my heart today....


  1. What a great trip!!! I drooled over Mr. Wayne!!! Covet!!!

  2. I think it's time we made a return trip to Winthrop! Love your cabin balcony with a view.

    You are covering so much territory, seeing so many beautiful spot and meeting up with so many friends along the way! What a memorable trip. Enjoy the journey today...wherever your road leads.

  3. LOVE all the photos, Debi. And, you cannot imagine how happy I was to see Whidbey Island! We lived there when I was in first grade, and I've always said I'd love to go back some day. However, I was told that the Naval housing (where we lived) is no longer there. Thank YOU!!!