Wednesday, July 29, 2015

They Running Y Ranch~

We motored the little over three hour drive to Klamath Falls Oregon 
pulled up the long drive of The Running Y Ranch.

Bob went right away to a well deserved spa/massage appointment.
I managed to get the car unloaded and into the room to spare
him the work for a change :-)

I found my way to a deck outside the bar/restaurant,
ordered a beautiful Bloody Mary (extra horseradish) and started
my new book.

Upon his return we had about 10 minutes together before
 I had to leave for my nail/pedi appointment.

Oh my, what an experience!!
Upon my arrival there were three beautiful souls working and one other customer.
While having my (much needed) pedi the other customer sat in the chair beside me.
Long story (but amazing), she introduced herself, 
"Hi, I'm Debra"
I said, "I'm Debra when in trouble, debi when not!"
One of the employees handed her a glass of wine, I said,
"they serve wine here?"
"no I bring my own, would you like a glass"
(Hello )

Debra, myself and the three other gals had a great time of conversation
and no shortage of laughs.

Before I know it, Debra asks if me and my husband would like to joint them for dinner!!
Bob was game.
He showed up at the salon and met Tom, Debra's husband. 
Debra suggested they go get us a table and we will meet them there.
 Bob can make friends with a post :-)

We had a most enjoyable dinner, and found we are all very like minded,
  translation, Not politically correct!!

Okay longer story short.
Tomorrow Bob and Tom are playing golf,
and we are joining them at there home for dinner!!

Nothing happens by chance.
We already have plans with them when they visit San Diego in November.

P.S. Our friends Rocky and Rene whom we first met up with on our journey in Rouge River,
my come and meet us for more fun!!
Life is something else, it's what echos from my heart today ;-)


  1. Oh my gosh, that's so cool! Sounds like you both can make friends easily. :)

  2. How wonderful is that!

    I now want a massage, a mani, pedi and a bloody mary, hold the horseradish please. :)

  3. Well, how interesting and what fun! Always fun to make new friends and instant friendship is all the better. Happy weekend!