Sunday, July 26, 2015

Richland Shenanigans ~

We said our good byes in Idaho to our little family,
sniffle, sniffle.
We take with us some really great moments to remember.

En route to Richland Washington to visit my Aunt Marguerite, my Mom's twin, and
cousins Shelly, and Dan. Joining us would be my cousins Cindy and Greg from Seattle.
Our first night we were treated to a lovely homemade meal at Shelly and Steve's home.
I announced at the table, I could seriously cry I was so happy to have home cooked food
in a home.....ahh the little things.
Later that evening I was equally excited to be in a house, and a beautiful one at that,
 the home of my Aunt Marguerite!
Hotels and Restaurant eating grows old after awhile.

 Our first day we attended an Art Festival held on the Columbia River, 
lots of home made arts and crafts, sorry my car is loaded to the brim with luggage :-)

My cousin Shelly, one of the Core Four !
Afterwards we went to a Winery for lunch with Shelly and her husband Steve.
 This entire trip I've had to keep secret the surprise Retirement Party for the very
recently retired Shelly. I managed to keep it quite :-)

 We may have stopped at another winery prior to dinner surprise party, that evening.
Myself and sweet Shelly ~
 Side story; Shelly's husband Steve was the planner of the party.
The plan was to go to their home for dinner after the winery.
The truth was we would be going to friends of theirs for the surprise party.

When we left the winery Steve was going to tell Shelly that he wanted to stop by their 
friends home in order to show us their "Animal Collection"....
 as in...He is a hunter and some of his kills are mounted and on display in their home.
Here is a funny ~ Steve had sent me a text during the day that the excuse he was going to 
use to get Shelly to understand us stopping by their friends house was he wanted to show Bob 
the "anal collection"......of course he meant animal collection ~ Silly auto correct....

On to the party!

Shelly's daughter Nicole and Aunt Marguerite.

Scott my cousin Cindy's husband....

Cousins Greg and Dan

Greg, Cindy and Scott

Cousin Greg's wife Sheri and Suzie the hostess...

Don't be afraid ~


 We have had just the best time with my cousins, I can't wait to come back.
It has been great sitting with my Aunt in the evenings hearing stories of 
Mom and her as children, fills my heart.
I know she has enjoyed our company as she lives alone, and loves to speak of her sister.
She had willing listeners round the clock.
Appreciated her hospitality and her humor.

Special thanks to cousin Shelly and her awesome husband Steve!!
Thanks Scott and Cindy, Greg and Sheri and Dan for all the laughs,
some I will never forget, Greg and Sheri....should have turned right.....
I hope you each know how much I love you, 
 how I treasure all of our memories old and new.

Tomorrow we  are heading to Three Sisters Oregon for two nights....
stay tuned.

Maps and memories, lots of each.
It's what echos from my heart today.....


  1. How exciting, Debi. A lovely surprise party for Shelly, and your wonderful visits with Aunt Marguerite.

    I can hardly believe all the places, and people y'all have connected with. It's so wonderful.

    God bless, safe travels.


  2. Delightful! How nice to meet up with family along the way.