Monday, July 6, 2015

Content in the Moments~

Well here we are with Wilson (a child of sorts) grin~
Family shot just before our favorite house sitters bid us farewell.

After a brief stop in Temecula for breakfast we were at last on our way,
 vacation 2015!

 We stopped here 15 years ago, I just had to stop again. 
Japanese internment camp out in the middle of nowhere.
This occurred after Pearl Harbor, hope you will Google it!

I became more familiar with what took place after reading a book called,

A great read....I give it  5 stars to be sure.


First "are you kidding me moment", as we left and got back on Hwy 395, 
about 4 and a half hours from home, I glance
over to see my cousins truck and trailer going by in the opposite direction!
Small world, no?

Soon we find ourselves in the little town of Bishop CA.
We stopped and bought some cowboy jerky.
The best jerky ever, bacon is also out of this world.
Check out the site, you can order online!

We then filled up the tank and as we pulled out to head up the mountain to Mammoth Lakes,
a battery alert light came on .... blah.
We drive to a dealer service department and they check the battery and found it to be good.
Possibly the alternator, but they are booked for the week????
I immediately get on Facebook and asked friends to pray,
lucky me, many replied right away that they would. :-)
The service center recommended  Bishop automotive just down the road.
After they check out the car they tell us,
 if they can get an alternator they could replace it today!
While waiting we walked to a little hole in the wall called, 

Mexican American Cuisine.
File cabinets in the little dinning room :-)
And for our viewing pleasure Gunsmoke is on the tube.
I can't make this stuff up!

 We had the most outstanding tacos, and homemade refriend beans,
just like my friend Lupe's sweet Momma used to make!
We were in heaven....the bad alternator issue not so bad a thing to happen after all.....
Then the cooks wife, she offered us homemade pie,
YES please!!!
I had raspberry, Buster had peach....
hours have since passed, we remain stuffed....

Also in the dinning room was a giant aquarium, which besides many fish
was this big turtle. Can you see it's head barely poking up out of the water.
I glanced up once just in time to see it,
well....swallow a gold fish whole ....sad face.....

We waddled back to the repair shop to wait on our car.
While waiting we began a conversation with a couple also waiting on a repair.
Long story short he mentions he attended a high school not far from my Redondo High.
2nd "are you kidding me moment."
Not sure how we got on the topic but out of the blue he mentioned a friend of his, Gentil Smith !
Well I about jumped out of my seat, shut the front door!!
I have known Gentil and Smitty for 44 years!
Crazy how small this world can be...
though not surprised, Gentil is known all over! She's a dandy....

Moments later we are in our repaired car and heading up the mountain once again.
We've checked into our room, opened the windows so we can take in smell of wet
pine trees (excellent).
 Watching it rain, listening to claps of thunder and occasional lightening...
 thinking about how it really was a very good day.
Sometimes bad things happen, that aren't so bad after all.

Looking forward to more moments in tomorrows travels....
Special thanks to our buds George and Lynn for staying at our home
while we enjoy this great adventure together.
We appreciate and love you both!!

Jeopardy is calling my name...cup of tea in hand.
Contentment, it's what echos from my heart today...


  1. That sounds like a fun trip even with the unexpected car work. Thank goodness the repair happened quickly. Enjoy your times. ;)

  2. Awesome pics! So sorry you had car trouble, though. Glad it was fixed 'cause I don't want to miss the rest of "our" vacation. :)


  3. Driving with the windows down ... smelling wonderful nature smells... wonderful time taking in God's creation.

    I love little places you'd never visit before... even if they have cabinets in the dining room :)

  4. Sounds like a wonderful first day to me. Car repairs can be scary, but it's so wonderful when God blesses and you get someone good who will help you out. It's happened for us several times when traveling!

  5. I wonder--was the bad alternator just a coincidence? Or a God sent 'slow-down" so you could meet all the beautiful people you got to meet.