Thursday, July 23, 2015

Family ~

 We traveled a quick three hours to Lewiston Idaho, checked in to our hotel and awaited our family.

Canola, who knew?

Marcus, the son of Bob's brother Larry who is no longer
with us, came with his sweet family to meet us.

Marcus is a very special person to us. When we speak of him to others, it is
always about what an ineradicable man, husband and Father he is.
He's married to an equally special women, Ralyn, Momma to their five children.

Kadyn 12, Mia 10, Izzy 7, Macord 2, and Renton 10 months.

Marcus and Mia


Kadyn and Macord

Macord, just getting warmed up :-)    

Renton and Super Momma, Ralyn

Aunt debi and Marcus

Band at the Hotel gave Macord a go at the drums! 

Macord, done!

Clearwater River from our room :-) 

Just such a special day with each of them. 
 ( I was able to temporarily satisfy some Namaw issues )

Mia kinda took to us....she's spending the night in our room :-) 
Such special children, to two awesome parents.
Saying good bye in the morning will be tough, hoping they come see us soon!

Signing off this night with a very full and thankful heart....


  1. Awe, I was going to say the same; such sweet little faces. So glad y'all had time together! :)


  2. You are really fitting it all in on this road-trip! How nice to meet up with family along the way...and spend some fun time with those sweet children.