Sunday, July 12, 2015

Day Six ~ Friends, Food and Oh, the Views!

We are loving having some space to settle into for three days....

 The little special touches.....

 The hotel, The River's Edge.

 Our friends and tour guides, Dan and Nancy Mandish took us to experience this incredible market
 I would love to have spent more time in it, Bob was glad to get me out of there!

 Dan and Nancy' home, outstanding view and beautifully designed.
How about this view above the city?

After the jaw dropping house tour, we enjoyed wine before we went to dinner. Well I did, they
had something that was sure to put on one's chest! :-)

 How I would love to have coffee right here in the morning....

 The Mandish's treated us to an incredible dinner out on the river....

 Below, the best Ahi ever!!

After dinner we walked to an ice cream cart....yes please!
Oddly enough (to me) the Olive Oil one was the greatest tasting!


After dinner, ice cream and a long nice walk :-) we returned to Dan and Nancy's deck for a night view...

Everyone should have friends like this, they were so very generous with their time in making Portand
such a great visit. Excellent tour guides :-)

Looking forward to day 7 tours with Dan and Nancy....
it's what echos from my heart today....


  1. My goodness! What a fantastic home they have!! One of my grand daughte's lives in Portland and loves, loves, loves it.

  2. Beautiful! I have only ever passed through Portland...and will one day have to stop and visit. Looking forward to seeing you in our corner of the world soon. :)

  3. That house! I want my kitchen to overlook that view - I may actually cook then :)

  4. Oh my goodness!

    A beautiful place where y'all are staying, and your friends have a gorgeous view. :)

    So glad you're all having a wonderful time. I'm running behind here a bit (the kids, need I say more?) :)