Thursday, July 9, 2015

Day Four ~ Long Road

So today we had breakfast with Bob's cousin Alice Hubby Gary, and Chuck.
Most excellent chicken fried steak and eggs....may have tried deep fried pancakes.
We had a great time with them in their beautiful home, visiting, enjoying the view, watching movies,
eating, watching movies, eating.....
We love them and so appreciated the hospitality and the chance to make some memories! 

After loading our 5 or 6 bags, whose counting....
we drove off heading in the direction of Rouge River Oregon.
This is where I get to reunite once again with my sista friend Rene, we met
in 7th's as though no time has past always.

Just a few shots from the drive...not sure why but it was a long 6 hours...

 Below is Mt. Shasta

Though the ride was beautiful, two lane roads requires passing semi trucks, logging trucks and those going slower than us...all of which we ended up behind over and over.  Since a very young age I was nervous when my Dad would pass on two lane roads. Yes I trusted my Father as I do my Buster when taking our car quickly while driving toward another car so we could catch up with the next semi, motor home or logging truck.
Longer story short, we made it safely as we always do.
Tired and ready for a shower...

We arrived at our hotel, the one I booked for the view of the river from our room...yes that one.
The same one that is two story, which is where our room with a view is, 2nd floor...
Who, who I ask, builds a hotel with out an elevator???????
Did I mention 6-7 bags....please no lecture on over packing..
focus instead on the lack of elevator.
Enjoying the view...

. We were picked up at our hotel by my friend Rene and her husband, Rene and I met in 7th grade.
She is beyond special to me and I believe it's been approx. 7 years at least since we have seen each
other.  We enjoyed a Mexican meal out, a couple of perfect Margaritas and a short visit at their beautiful
home. Seeing such things as a barn owl in the night sky taking food to it's babies while we watch from their deck, a deer that had eaten the flowers she wanted me to see. It's all good.

Still tired we returned to our hotel for a showers, at last...showers, under valued to be sure....
Calling it a night, so we can return to their home for bagels and coffee in the morning!
Looking very forward our day tomorrow....
 lasting friendships, it's what echos from my heart today....


  1. Some people want the beach... I want trees & mountains. Driving on that road with trees lining it... Oh yes - I'd love that drive.

  2. Six hours is a long ride (at least for this old girl), and yep I'd be nervous on the two lane. And, most likely I wouldn't pass a single car and have people blowing their horns. :)

    No elevator - that's just a downright sin in my opinion! And, also I never over pack either. hahahaha