Saturday, July 18, 2015

Birthday on Granville Island ~

Our day began with a birthday (July 18th) breakfast for Buster.
67  He is another year older.....
After breakfast we walked about 6 blocks to catch a water taxi to
transport us over to Granville Island.
 Lots of shops, street entertainment, food and more shops.

First things first....

Multitask, me? Well, yes!

The above street performer had me near tears. Not just because he played
beautifully, but because I could tell how much he loved playing....

I loved the public market place :-)

I may have bought a full slice of the fudge on the far left........

They say it was unseasonalby warm for Vancouver today...we loved it!

 Found the next photo to be pretty funny view of cement trucks filling up~smile

Tonight we are meeting up with a woman who's blog I follow that lives near Vancouver.
It was her blog with it's beautiful photos that drew me to visit Vancouver.
Judy (My Front Porch) and her husband are picking us up for a trip to Grouse Mountain for dinner.
I am so excited to meet her in person!!

Meeting an old friend for the first time,
It's what echos from my heart today.


  1. I'd say you multi-task very well!

    At first seeing the chocolate's, I wondered "did she", and yes you did! Who can pass that up. :)

    Another great day, and I hope you guys enjoyed the evening also.


  2. Just chiming in here the morning say what a delightful evening we had. It was such a pleasure to meet you and your husband last night...and spend the evening together on Grouse Mountain. We look forward to 'next time'!

    I love seeing Granville Island through your lens...and can almost hear the accordion player from here. Enjoy your travels...wherever the road may lead today.