Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Please help!

 Hello blogging friends!

 Please read this brief story about my friend Jim and Susan's charity...

3 little Halos

Aubrey, Alex and Braden Butler passed away in November, 2007 as a result of a fire in their West Chester home. Their grandparents, Jim and Susan Butler, created 3 little Halos in their memory. They first purchased Sparky's Hazard House, which is an interactive house that allows small children a way to learn about fire and household safety, and donated it to the West Chester Fire Department. In order for smaller children to learn to not be afraid of firemen in their protective gear, they donated an inflatable Walk Around Fireman, in which members of the WC Fire Department wear to meet and greet children and families. They have recently turned their attention towards building a Safety Town in West Chester, which will feature a large array of safety instruction including fire, water, traffic, poison, and many more in the hopes of preventing future tragedies to children. 

.My friends Jim and Susan are in a contest to win $10,000 for their charity which will surely help save many lives of children.
I am asking you to go to the link below...once on the page you must check to "like" the page prior to you being allowed to vote.  The contest ends on the 25th of November.
These people are very close to my heart and their heartache is unfathomable... Please, please take a minute to vote for 3 little halos :-) They are what echo from my heart today and everyday that I can hold my grand children, or look into their sweet faces....please share this and ask people you love to vote.


  1. OK, I have voted for them. What a heart breaking story...soo precious. I honestly just can't even bear to imagine how horrible this must have been. I am so glad to hear they are giving back and doing something like this with their grief. It is honestly such an important issue. My oldest son owns his own karate studio and 6 months ago they opened a larger place and had the local fire department out to teach the kids about safety and fires for their new grand opening. One of the subjects discussed that I never gave a thought to before is how frightened that little children are of a fireman in his fire fighting gear. A couple of them got into their full paraphernalia and walked around so all the kids could see and touch.n It was so good. I thought at the time this needs to be done everywhere. At schools, churches or wherever they get the opportunity. The fire fighters said OFTEN the kids will hide from them.

    Hope this all goes well for your friends! Blessings to them!

  2. I'm going over to vote now. I can't seem to go there on my iPad! Bless their hearts, I can't even imagine!

  3. Debi
    I voted for your friends.
    I hope they win the 10K for their charity!

  4. Debi, I got it to work yea! Well actually my twins got it to work. Will spread the good word!

  5. I cannot imagine the pain and heartache your dear friends experienced and continue to face every day. What precious little ones! I am so thankful you shared this on your post today. I don't do Facebook, but I will check with my daughter whether I can vote here. What a valuable tool for sharing the information, this is.