Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Our Monday in Pismo Beach ~

My husband opened the shutters and this was my view...had to get out there with coffee
and just take it all in.

We call him John....he appears most times when we are inside :-)

We headed down the road to Penny's for a great breakfast...

Then we saw this, well we had to stop, right?

Was not prepared for ALL that was in this little space....things so random
and put in such random displays....Odd as it was, we were smiling through it all....

I did love the water pump below...I was ready to paint it red!


Next stop, which was planned, was the Monarch Butterfly Grove...we spent a good amount 
of time here.  It was truly amazing to see so many Monarch's in one place.

First we just walked the outskirts of the grove ...just to be in nature...

My Hubstir Bob :-)

Ready to be amazed....and we were.

My hubstir spotted this bird house, cool huh?

At first glance they appear to be amber leaves...nope!

Back to our hotel to enjoy the scenery...

I love this shot ....I could watch the waves break on these rocks for a long time...

Time to head to date night :-) 

Below is the view from where we ate, it's called Lido and we HIGHLY recommend it.
Both service and food were top notch!

We started outside but quickly decided, it was going to get cold....soon!

We had the best dinner from start to finish....
and left very full!

An incredible day one for us!

Memory making is what echos from my heart today..... 
Off to make some more!!


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed looking through all of these pictures..such good ones, and soo pretty. We haven't been to Pismo Beach in several years....you are getting me thinking about going again. Love it there! Enjoy the rest of your time!

  2. Oh, what a gorgeous view and a wonderful place to have a vacation!!! I love that little shop and would like to walk through and gaze at all the things.

    The Monarchs were at the beach one year and we were lucky enough to capture a few pictures!