Sunday, November 3, 2013

Somebody Say Road Trip?

We are on the road again for a 6 day road trip up the coast of Southern California.
Looking forward to cooler temps and reason to put on a scarf and jacket :-)

In route to Pismo Beach we saw a really nice sun set...
a little preview of things to come I suspect!

Navy base......

 Our hang out for three nights....

 View outside our balcony, that point is surrounded by  the Pacific Ocean :-)

Tried to catch a photo of the waves at night.....

 My ahhhhh begins......

 Relaxing with my's what echos from my hear today...


  1. Oh, what a lovely "hang out!" Enjoy! Enjoy! I'm hanging out with Hubby at the hospital today while he has a medical procedure done. Nothing serious but he will spend one night in the hospital. Looking forward to hearing more about your time away. Happy times!

  2. 'On the road again' is a good thing. Enjoy that lovely view and have a great time!

  3. Looks and sounds WONDERFUL! ENJOY every little minute!

  4. Your "hang out place" looks quite nice! I wish you quiet moments full of joy. We all need breaks in the daily routines of life. Enjoy!