Thursday, November 7, 2013

Morro Bay ~

Just a quick drive further North and we arrived in Morro Bay..
yet another beautiful day only this one with a gentle ocean breeze.

Love these little creations...

 My Bob ~

Fun watching these guys juggle !

Loved this signage :-)
 Went in the studio...beautiful photography.  Bob thought the guy looked familiar,
turns out he was photographing butterflies in Pismo when we were there.
Small World
If ever in Morro Bay you must check out his work.

 Lots of random photos of this awesome nursery/and store below.
So, If you aren't in to photos you will want to escape here :-)

Leap frog anyone?

This is where the downstairs store photos begin...could have spent hours in here.

I seriously would love to have this woman standing in a room of my home....

Seriously loved this clock !

All that shopping (without buying) made us hungry!

No we didn't....we walked up the hill to Dorn's for the best Calm chowder ever...

I tell ya, these birds know who's boss on the Central Coast!

After lunch we went 4 miles further North to Cayucos....

We discovered this little place in 2008 and have since ordered their cookies
They are so incredibly good... so we had to drive up and we did spend money in this shop!

Didn't purchase any Snickerdoodles...
but most know, I had to take a photo of this sign :-)

Back to our hotel.....
We had to switch rooms early this morning, pretty sure big foot was staying above us and
paced the room most of the night....
Worked out well, we are now in this quite corner on the second floor with lots more sunlight!

Steak sandwiches, free drinks....$12.00 dinner for two :-)
Winner Winner...steak dinner
Makes up for all those cookies we bought.....
Love Quality Suites!

Making memories is what echos from my heart today!


  1. Well my friend, I sure did love this post! It takes me to a place I have never been to. It provides me with beauty, photography, a lovely, unique gift shop tour, cookies and good looking food, and a touch of romance between the two of you. I think the pictures of each of you are so good! I like that you enjoy spending time together, and that you share the pictures of your time together. So inspiring!

  2. Now that brings back good memories...of our travels along the coast a few years ago. I photographed that same rock in the bay! Looks like you had a great day...from the sights to the food!