Friday, November 8, 2013

Historic Homes and The Store of Stuff ~

Highly recommend our hotel !
This is our second time here and it's been great both times.
Off to take some photos of some Historic Homes, below.

My personal favorite :-)

 Cosmos and bee are included.

This is a closer look at my favorite....

 These trees are everywhere in San Luis Obispo, I think the trunks are amazing!

We've dined here twice's a must for Tri tip Sandwiches !

The photo below has a few possibilities based solely on attire;
1) This is a stolen police bike and helmet.
2) A very poor attempt at being undercover.
3) The Police are very laid back in San Luis Obispo?

 Above is the wooden horse out front of "the" store.
Below are photos of a large variety of Stuff.

 I'm a tractor lover so the table below was pretty cool :-)

If you find yourself looking for a very large wine glass ...we found it!

Made of fabric and very comfortable!


He sat for a very long time.
It not only reclined (which is required) it gently moves forward and back
as you lay in it??

 Wide variety of hammocks!

 ....and chairs.

A hanging, swinging couch, with a sunshade,
why yes I'll take one!

 and for those day's I tire of swinging....

Love these new, old wooden chairs!

We don't know....
but we liked him.

I made it very clear I loved this bowl,
however, it's still available.....

 We fell in love with these birdhouses last visit here.
Pa is going to figure out how to make them!
Lots of walking and shopping and eating...
Back to the room for some blogging and relaxation on our last night here.

My sweet hubstir has surprised me with two cards since arriving in 
San Luis Obispo.....

It's been a great visit....
Resting up from our relaxing vacation, echos from my heart today :-)


  1. Great photos... loved that rounded verandah overlooking the water.... oh my, I could live there!

    Thanks for stopping in yesterday and leaving your comment. Just wanted to let you know, if you are interested, I've posted the book giveaway this morning for Carolyn Weber's two books

    Wishing you a beautiful day...

  2. Thank you for adding color, beauty, fun, and art works to my morning. I enjoyed this tour so much! The homes are so unique and I could live in any of them. The gift shop is over the top! What a fun adventure for the two of you! The two cards from someone who loves you, was the perfect way to make it the best vacation. Thanks for sharing so many pictures. I feel like I was there too.