Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tuesday in Pismo Beach ~

Waking up to the Pacific is really kinda nice...
Breakfast at 11:00 is even better!

We toured a local nursery that housed some pretty interesting stuff!

Pretty sure the young man below was single....obviously kinda shy......

Went wine tasting.. 
and then stopped for some lunch.(sorta)

Homemade cinnamon roll hiding beneath
the cream cheese icing....ugggh...so good,
yet so bad!

Waddled back to our hotel feeling pretty FULL!
Two cups of hot tea...helped a bit.
So full we ate left overs from our fabulous dinner last night
which was fine, we didn't miss this!
If you look close you can see the seagull (John) just to the left of the sun :-)

 John en-route to our balcony

Sir John 

Well now he's just posing !

Good night from Pismo
Tomorrow on to San Luis Obispo, high expected to be 79 degrees...I packed a lot of sweaters 

Feeling rested is what echos om my heart today.....


  1. Looks like so much fun! I just saw that Susan Branch is going to be at a bookstore in San Luis Obispo some time this week. If you like her you should look at her website. Wouldn't it be fun to see her in person?

  2. your trip is looking soo wonderful, and just my kind of trip! the pictures are soo good! Gorgeous sunset! yeah, 79 is pretty warm for up there this time of year! Enjoy!