Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Bring Along a Friend ~

We needed to bring baby, Toto and Ooh ooh awe awe (the monkey) out to enjoy the day...

Get all set up....


Long enough...things to do.
 She doesn't sit in one spot for long....
She can't sit in the chair without a has a holder that must be used...

One of her favorite things, bubbles!

Always does Ho Ho Ho (another name for Santa)

Her new shades :-) and her Daddy.

Friends to bring along,
she's one of mine ...

Someone's what echos from my heart today.......


  1. Awe, she's such a little sweetheart! Sweet echos!

  2. She is just so precious how you must enjoy your time with her!

  3. Such an adorable little girl, that Khloe!

    I love that you share her with us.


  4. I feel love seeping over the words of your posts, whenever you share this little girl. I also think it is fun to see the pictures you capture. They make it almost feel like I am there too.
    Thanks so much Debi, for sharing it all.