Thursday, October 10, 2013

Lots of Stuff ~

Been trying to rest up from the planning of and following through of the Women's retreat.
The retreat is over, however the body and mind haven't realized that!
I loved co leading this task with my buddy Lori..a'k.a. Snicker...
My intent is to return to wife, Mom and Namma....
So here is what I did in my attempt to do so :-)

The day after returning from retreat, we went up to our local mountains for some apple picking!
 These were just a couple of my riding partners, squeezing between these two
car seats, turned out to be the best seats in the house!

Stopped in a few shops.....

Let the picking begin....

Once you pay to fill your bag your welcome to eat as you, we did!

How precious is this photo of Ellery Grace?

Wednesday we finally had a rainy day. ..could you hear us So. Californians cheering?
So Khloe, Pa and I chose to be cozy all day.

We watched......

Pa thought Beans would enjoy going out into the rain.....he was right!

 Thursday we went to watch Gymnastics....
"Namma, I bounce".....and she did......

Wasn't a fan of her jumping off the ledge into the pit of's tough being a Namma sometimes...
Nor was I a fan of the little boy who spit on Pa !!!  His Mom and I quote, " it's a boy thing" my mind, "really I raised two boys and neither ever spit on anyone!!!!"
Same little boy hit my little sweet beans over the head....
His Mommy told him to say he was sorry.....she looked at my daughter - in - law and said.,
"you have two now, wait till they get a little older  you'll see"....
I am forever amazed at parents who make excuses for their children's bad behavior....
Katie, my DIL, was already feeling sorry for the little kid's teacher (she a kinder teacher herself).
It's a wonder any kids now days learn about accountability :-(  
How sad for their future.....parents are setting them up for failure.

Hey took my mind off unwinding or lack thereof !

My sweet family, a sweet distraction from busyness of's what echos from my heart today......


  1. I had to smile at this it reminded me of the gym where I watch my grands do their tumbling and gymnastics classes. It likely even smells the same! Picking apples, playing in the rain or doing summersaults...autumn fun!

  2. Such a sweet post, Debi! How nice to pick apples! The only apple trees I remember were in Washington state when we lived there for a while. The "baby's" are so very cute. It's nice that Khloe gets to learn gymnastics; I understand that it's difficult to watch sometimes though. I thought all along that Hunter would like gymnastics like her mama did, but no she's a horse girl, you know.

    Have a beautiful Sunday!

  3. It will rain when I travel to always does!

    Love those apple picking pics and your sweet grands!

    Oh, my, that mother may as well get ready......she will be excusing her boy forever if she keeps it up now!

  4. Looks like a good time was had by all in the apple orchard. And, yes, too many adults today had parents making excuses for them all their lives. That's what is wrong!!! Happy week!

  5. For a few minutes of my week, I was blessed to step into your family time, and what fun it was. Your pictures and words make me smile as I go through each one. So cute! Love the one of her and grandpa on the sofa together, watching it rain. So peaceful!

    I understand your sentiments in regards to manners and parental excuses. It is sad to me. Manners and kindness are crucial...always.