Thursday, October 3, 2013

No Cook Wednesday

No cooking today, but we did have a busy day.

Khloe, Pa and I drove to Temecula,
30 minutes down the road.
Namma had a dental appointment.

Pa and Khloe toured a local nursery,
she smelled flowers til she could smell now more.

We went to lunch after and we were all so good we were treated

After lunch we walked over to a pond and watched the ducks, turtles and fish,
also known as Nemos.

Sadly and very out of character, Namma failed to bring her camera (sad face here).

I got over it when I found we were being treated to a sleep over with Khloe.
Momma and Daddy came and hung out for a Namma got some time
with Ellery Grace :-)

Khloe pick some "baby" tomatoes 
 and was a bit surprised that she couldn't play with them :-)

Took a shower in the "big" shower and commenced playing.
She drug my King size comforter out of my room out to the living room :-)
" It's cozy!"

She looked so cute in my shower head band ......she couldn't wait to wear it.

It's been such a fun day with her....surprise, surprise.
After her shower tonight , she said, " Namma cook?"

Loving my no cook Wednesday,
Grandchildren....echo from my heart to be sure....


  1. So very blessed, you are, WE are!!

    Love seeing the photo's. So precious!


  2. Soo sweet! They often echo from mine too!