Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Thankful for Friendships ~

A sweet friend of mine has recently turned 40 (just a baby)....
She chose to Seize 40, in fact made it the birthday theme.

She rented a beautiful lodge in our local mountains and invited 18 of her gal pals
for four days of relaxation....

The Birthday girl Lori :-)

Each guest had a little gift bag waiting for them, in it candies, tissue, sterling sliver forks with
grateful imprinted on them, three recipes(two of which would be made over the weekend).

 The steps leading up to our time of rest and joy filled memories that were to be made...

 Our own mason jar glass ....one of so many special touches.....

 Surrounded by beauty, and perfect southern California weather...

 Below is Lori to me :-)

 Out my bedroom window ~

 Food prepared for us.....
snacks surrounded us at every turn...

 Love the special touch below...

 Many conversations going on in every corner of the house.
Lori invited her friends from church, friends from her job and friends from her childhood.
It was amazing to me that it felt as though we all had known each other,
 it didn't feel new, no one felt like a stranger to me.
  All of us though different, had something in common other than a friend in Lori, I'm just not sure 
what it was....but it was there...

Surrounded by the awesomeness of the beautiful lodge...no television, no laptop, no cell service
 to speak of...I had found the quiet I've been searching for.
Quiet, relaxation in a house full of women?
Yes, and no, I can't explain it, but it was quiet and peaceful.
It was as though we gathered from all over  not even aware of how much we needed
this time... a time of friendship with honest, transparent
women in need of rest, conversation ...pajamas at 5:P.M. !
Conversation that didn't require explanations..."it" was just understood.
Laughter was ever present....tears that often come with sharing...
sharing that which filled our hearts. 
 Our truths of pasts that didn't always work out as we thought they might,
yet in each situation joy seemed to follow when the fog broke,
showing the promise of brighter days.

 Lori led us in the making of Creme Brulee and it was good!!


We had moments deep in meaningful print...much that we shared, the stuff that made you think, deeply.

 She was seizing 40 yet I think we all felt as though the four days was just for us.
Seeing us happy and pampered filled her up!

We ended one evening with a photo shoot !


Oh what I learned from these genuine women who could have been strangers, but they weren't..

Friends caught up, 
Friendships made,
Oh, the friendships of women....
I'm hoping we have a reunion,

Thankful for every woman I shared even a moment with....
God is so good.....it's what echos from my heart this thankful Tuesday.


  1. WOW...this just sounds wonderful! Soo relaxing and peaceful and your right, pampering. What a sweet, sweet thing for her to do! Glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Oh my goodness, that sounds like so much fun. How neat that it was her birthday but the gift was basically for everyone else!

  3. What a neat way to celebrate turning 40 or 50 or 60! Just one long pallet party! Thanks for sharing your echo today. Loved it!

  4. How wonderful, Debi. I'm so happy you were able to be with your old, and new friends. There's something about women gathering and sharing.

    And, such a beautiful place for a special birthday.


  5. What a fun way to celebrate one's birthday! The thought, creativity, and insights she shared with all of you, was a true gift. Sure does look like a lot of fun, at a special place. Thanks for sharing it with us.