Monday, October 14, 2013

Girls, Girls and Girls ~

This past Sunday the girls in my family got together to welcome
our newest, Ellery Grace.
It was really great to see my sister's,
fun to see the little cousins interacting with each other.
A lazy afternoon of watching the little ones with Nemo again entertaining them,
or watching them play in the make believe kitchen :-)

 Above left to Rt. my great niece Ruby, Oldest Grand Julia, Khloe, Grandson Gavin and Grand daughter Aubrie.  All with Graham Cracker in hand watching Nemo :-)

 D.I.L. Katie holding Ellery and Niece Amanda holding Minnie......

 Sister Deanna holding the Sweet Beans.

 Pa with Aubrie

 Juila rocking Khloe :-)

 " I'm the Mommy" 

 So much sweetness ....

 Ru and Khloe 

 Khloe checking out cousin Minnie and sister Ellery...

Aubrie :-)


 Forever happy Minnie with cousin Ellery.

 Two generations of cousins...proof that coloring is not age specific.....

 Sister Dona with her daughter Summer......

Summer, Amanda and Minnie

 Summer and the Sweet Beans 

Little girls playing with the basket of food :-) Appears one is teaching while the other learns.....

The best days are when families gather, and sometimes just watch...
it's what echo's from my heart today...


  1. couldn't agree more....echoing from mine too...

  2. Debi
    Looks like a room full of blessings to me!
    There are sure a lot of females in your family.

  3. A room full of blessings indeed!

  4. Time and time again, the visits here offer fun, inspiration, smiles, and joy. I have really enjoyed
    catching up with each post. The pictures are the girls are so cute!

    I liked seeing all the things you find yourself thankful for, and the way you trust God to walk through each season of life. You are a beautiful vessel for Him!