Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Thankful on A Tuesday Morning !

With Thanksgiving just around the corner I was thinking about
 the usual lists in November.
You know, each day of the month we list something we're thankful for.

I thought it would be wise for myself, to be in touch with
  my thankfulness daily, not just November.
I decided I would make a little list of that which I'm thankful for
throughout the week and share those very things on Tuesday mornings.
I hope we can share all that we are thankful for with each other,
hope you'll join me on Thankful Tuesday Mornings.

.......and so it begins :-)

I'm thankful today that I have connected to so many amazing people in blog land...
Many I consider friends...we've been a part of weddings of our children,
 births of our grandchildren, deaths in our families,
shared concerns,
 worries and struggles in our everyday lives. 
We share our joys, we share our hearts..
so thankful for this.

I'm thankful for my faith today and every day.
 To serve a God of love, forgiveness and discipline.
Thankful to be surrounded by women who love God and love me....
Women who dare to be transparent with each other with
complete trust our conversations are safe.
Women who are going to tell me what I need to hear,
 not what I want to hear.

I'm thankful for my family.
Two sisters, One brother, three nieces, one nephew, two great nieces,
 one great nephew,  three sons, one daughter, two daughter in laws,
one son in law, a grand dog, three grandsons, four grand  daughters.
Two Aunts, and countless cousins, and second cousins.
Family, they are my heart beat ...

Thankful for my morning devotionals.
Jesus Calling, by Sarah Young is my absolute favorite...
everyone should have this book!
My Utmost For His Highest,by Oswald Chambers
Jesus, My Hero of Thy Soul, by Jim McGuiggan.

Thankful for my husband, he knows my heart, my faults, my strengths.
He encourages me when I'm unsure of myself...
he helps me to believe in me.
He knows just when I need a special touch, an escape from routine,
and he times our getaways, as if he had a crystal ball to tell him,
now is the time!
He loves Montana (my birthplace), he loves my family.
He totally gets that I can't say no to grand kids....
in fact it's starting to rub off!

 My thankfulness on this Tuesday morning....
thanks that echo from my heart today.

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  1. I love your thankful's, Debi. Indeed, we bloggers are blessed to have met one another; perhaps not even foreseeing that one day we'll meet in person, we still have found many friends, and as you said we are there for each other. I love also, Debi, that you are such a supportive, kind and sweet person. I always enjoy coming here, and appreciate when you visit me.

    God is awesome; I've always believed that people come into our lives for a reason, and that God had his powerful hand in this. HE keeps me going, that's for sure! I don't know where I would have wound up if not for HIM, and I'm so grateful.