Sunday, May 11, 2014

The First to Call Me Mom ~

Born May 11, 1977
My first born, a son.
Happy Birthday
Michael Paul Stevens
Full heart
He was perfect in his Momma's eyes.

Mike and his cousin Summer

One of many faces with cousin Amanda

Mike and his brother Brian...."can we take him back to the doctor?"

Dodger fan from the get go.
His buddy George

Mike and his best friend Jimi

Mike his Dad and his brother

Camping with Nanny and Poppa

Yet another Mike face......
....and another.
The boys's in his blood

All growed up Katie =Love.

His eye on his bride

Love at first sight, Khloe arrives.
Ellery Grace makes four.....

Khloe and Ellery

I'm so proud of Mike and today on this Mother's Day I'm thankful God chose me to
be his Mom.  His smart, his funny, he is a great Daddy to his girls....and a great partner to his wife.
He's something I did right.

Happy Birthday Mikey Lo
I love you!

Love being a Momma, it's what echos from my heart on this memorable day.....


  1. Such a sweet post, Debi. Happy Birthday to Mike, and Happy Mother's day to you.

  2. And he has one amazing Mom.

  3. When one has an opportunity to step into a blogging friend's past and see some of the loves of her life, one always is thankful! Giving birth to a son on Mother's Day, must have been a special blessing. What a kind tribute to your son. I like seeing sons being gifted some sweet little girls, and he sure has been.