Monday, May 19, 2014

Monday Minute ~ Weekend Exhale

Believe it or not, Fires are under control, many are contained.
The photo below is a local San Marcos Firefighter who took this selfie
and the photo has gone viral!
Word can't express how thankful we are to all of the firefighters that worked on our 
San Marcos Fire, 1,000 in all!
Those who run toward the danger as we run from it.
Heroes everyone of them!!

Saturday we headed for fresh air and family at the beach.

Yes after a tough smokey week a beach day was much appreciated.

Hope your weekend was a dandy too!

Grateful for clear skies, it's what echos from my heart today...


  1. I'm SO glad the fires are contained. That's a great selfie of the fire fighters. They truly are heroes.

    The beach photo's are SO cute. I love those babies. :)


  2. Thank goodness! The firefighter picture is amazing and I agree with Sally, they are heroes. Glad you enjoyed your beach time.

  3. What fantastic pictures and what cute "bathing beauties." Enjoyed your echos today Debi!

  4. I have total admiration for those who fight those fires, and I am so thankful you are taking time to enjoy the beach together. The pictures are adorable!