Thursday, May 15, 2014

Hot, dry and Wild Fires ~

Our day started out with us having three fires burning.
As we approached the dinner hour, there were nine fires burning in
San Diego County.
The most significant fire still burning is the Cocos fire which
is burning here in San Marcos where I live.
Has burned over 700 acres thus far, with no containment.
Below is a photo I saw online that someone took from a Southwest flight, 
showing three plumes of smoke.
We have our Santa Ana wind conditions which is the strong hot winds from the east
blowing west...1% humidity high temps, yesterday 101.

As I glanced out my window after dinner I noticed a crowed gathering in our street.
Curious I went out to see what was happening.
This is what we saw.
To our surprise a fire  next to the university...
1.12 miles as the crow flies from us.....

Today the winds have died down however they are expected to increase as the afternoon nears,
the good news not as strong as yesterday.

We were witness to the big DC10 plane that drops fire retardant and or water that covers a large area at a time, it was super helpful in our San Marcos fire.
I just heard the military is sending 10 helicopters to do water drops today as well.
They do so much more for us than people know, right?

Thousands of people have been evacuated from there homes, schools in four cites have been closed
for today and some for tomorrow as well.

Below you may be able to make out the white plane doing a water drop.

Watching live footage on television as you can imagine is beyond belief.  One gets a clear picture
of the danger firefighters put themselves in, to protect us and our properties. Truly some amazing sites to see, yet very heart breaking to watch someones home up in flames.

I wake this morning to a visible layer of smoke...indicator I'm indoors again today.
These old lungs can't take this smoke to be sure!

Keep our firefighters in your prayers, as well has all who have lost their homes due to these is precious isn't it?

Those who have lost their homes, they echo from my heart today.


  1. Debi, that's terrifying! Prayers coming your way! Prayers for safety, the animals and people, the homes, all of it!

  2. It is truly heartbreaking, Debi. I've heard of more even today. You all please be
    as safe as you can. Praying for all!