Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Hodgepodge Wednesday ~ News, Memories, New Beginings

1. What news story are you following right now?
    Pastor Saeed who is imprisoned for his faith in Iran.. very sad that our country isn't doing more
    to help free him..He is married and has young children...surely if he were family to our President we may be doing something ?

2. What's the last thing you wanted but didn't get?
    That would be our usual vacation, plans have changed due to the unscheduled trip to Florida 
     for 33days when our son Joseph was hospitalized. Glad to forfeit a vacation so a Father could
     be with his son :-)

3. May 28th is National Hamburger Day...when did you last have a hamburger? Other than your own kitchen or BBQ grill, where is your favorite place to go for a hamburger? And for all you non-meat eaters out there...when you're invited to a cookout what is the one side dish you hope is on the menu?
      Well I haven't had a traditional burger since February when I started dieting.  Instead I have a 
      protein style burger at In-N-Out..burger less the bun, it's just wrapped in lettuce. Surprised, I don't
      miss the bun at all! If I wanted to avoid meat at a cookout, I would hope for beans of some kind, 
       and deviled eggs couldn't hurt!

4. How have your priorities changed over time?
    I think I've started to think more about how I spend my time. I want to make it count every day, I mostly want it spent with friends and family...I appreciated everything much more than I ever have.

5. What's a favorite memory with your grandparents?
     My favorite memory of my Dad's parents is when we visited them in the Ozarks. I was little and 
    three things stood out.  One, we bathed in a tub of rain water on the porch...the potty was an    
    outhouse! They had a party line shared with three other households.  I enjoyed frog legs for the
    first time, that my Uncle caught that day!!

6. On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being fantastic!), how good are you at multitasking? Share an example.
    I would give myself and 8....My favorite feeling of accomplishing a lot at once is having clothes in the wash, dishes in the washer, while doing my morning stuff, bed making, and my morning devotional time. I guess machines are doing the work, but I tell them when!  :-)

7. How would you summarize your highs and lows for the month of May?
   May has been a good but fast month! A successful Single Mom's Brunch at our church, hubby and I
   have had many enjoyable days out back, our first trip to the beach, a visit from both of my sisters,
   reconnecting with friends for dinner, a super fun book club celebration.  The only low would be the
   fires...forever grateful we were all so well protected by our firefighters!!

8.  Insert your own random thought here.
     I'm getting very excited about my niece Amber's wedding on June 1st! Reading her daily posts 
    about her excitement, her love for her soon to be husband has been so heart warming for me.She's
    a sweet girl who is happy with the simple pleasures in life. I'm looking forward to seeing her grow 
    as a wife and mother, always putting them first.  I'm so proud of her and I know my parents 
    would be too..... This special day will have a post of its own very soon!!


  1. Neat post. :) I need to be a better multi tasker. I forget what I was doing about every 15 minutes. :)

  2. The hodgepodge crept up on me this week and I missed it. Enjoyed this as always. I have gotten very used to eating MANY things without the bread since I have gone gluten free. Not nearly as hard as I thought. But every once in a while a good burger IN a bun sounds good, lol. Enjoy your day!

  3. I always enjoy your answers! Man, I need to lose some weight; you'd think working out in the yard and sweating like crazy would help. :)

    Enjoy the wedding, Debi. I felt the same way about when my nephew married in March. It was a long time coming, but from what I hear things are going really well.

    I always like hearing the dishwasher, and laundry going at the time. It made me think I was actually 'doing something'. Well, no dishwasher here and since the washing machine bit the dust, of course I'm going to the Laundromat. But, it's ALL GOOD!!