Friday, May 16, 2014

Fresh on Friday ~ Encouragement from Namaw

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The most important thing I can do as a Namaw, 
is to pray for my Grandchildren
When I'm not praying for them,
I hope to be a constant source of encouragement to them.


My favorite person currently to encourage is our Sweet Beans (Khloe)

She is a perfectionist,
though I remind her everything doesn't have to be so.

She wants to get it right the first time,
I remind her to continue to try, that she can do it!
I love to hear, " I did it Namaw! " once she does.

I encourage her to be obedient, (lots of encouraging here of late) :-)
Evident in this photo showing some "personality"?
I encourage her to be kind and gentle.
To show love to everyone, and to use nice talk.

I remind her that she will make lots of friends in pre-school, 
and it's important to treat others with kindness.

I believe I am called to encourage.  I may not be the best at it
but I continue to try and do so with others.

If I consider all the ways God encourages me in His Word, 
I can use those same lessons to encourage others.

For whatever things were written before
 were written for our learning, that 
we.....might have hope.
                               - Romans 15:4

Someone in your circle may need an encouraging word today,
I hope your the one :-)

Encouraging you to encourage others so that they might have hope,
 it's what echos from my heart today.


  1. Your little grand babies are very blessed! It will be awesome to see that legacy as the years go by...And no matter how inadequate you feel..He has called you and He is at work thru you accomplishing His purposes! No more important job than what you are doing!!

  2. I love this, Debi. I know you encourage me also with your words.
    My family is in need of prayer and lots of encouragement, so thank you for this reminder.

  3. LOVED this. I think I too am called to encourage. Sometimes with these times we live in it is a full time job it seems. But your right, such encouragement we get in His Word. Hope you have a wonderful week-end!

  4. I am always encouraged by my visits here, and I love that you are teaching those little ones in your care, the importance of it all. The pictures are priceless!