Thursday, March 20, 2014

Throwback Thursday ~

The year was in 2000,
the occasion was a celebration of Bob and I's start of a new life together.
We had just married weeks prior on the rivers edge in Montana.

We had a celebration in our backyard, catered Mexican Food,
 and our favorite D.J. playing so wonderful music.

 Below is a photo of one side of my new family.
Our daughter Jackie, Joseph and Bob's sweet Momma, Gaye.
How fortunate for me ......I feel as though they have always been a part of my life.
It felt natural.
Thankful me.

Joseph was originally scheduled this past Monday for surgery but that was rescheduled. He's now due to have surgery Friday on his arm.  The Doctor is planing on removing the ventilator after surgery while in the operating room. Should they need to they will do a tracheotomy , but we're praying he is successful breathing on his own.  

Would you please join us and pray as we approach Friday?

The latest......
Eyes were open Wednesday evening.
His wife Angel asked him if he knew who she was,
he nodded, yes.
She asked him if she was his wife,
he nodded yes!
One of the little miracles along the way.....

Thankful for the addition to my life of these three special ones,
it's what echos from my heart....everyday.