Friday, March 28, 2014

Fresh on Friday ~ A Need for Silence

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A friend posed the question:
"How could you make more room in your life for silence in order to listen to God? "
My initial reply was to have less commitments, which allows more time to find the silence.

Years ago my husband and two of our besties drove up to a high point in Big Sky Montana.
Upon our arrival we set up our beach chairs to have a good look.
What I saw up there was the most beautiful view I think I have seen ....
it took my breath away.
I had just lost my Dad two weeks prior, and oh how I wanted to call him to share
what I was seeing.
 I realized as I sat there that,  the beauty created the silence.. 
For as far as I could see, there was beauty,
and nothing to hear but silence.
In that silence, I heard God's whisper, I felt His presence.

I find silence mostly in nature, mountains, beach, river or lakes.
Nature is all I hear, nature, it's the whisper of our Creator.

In life, noise is pretty much a constant.
Cell phones, television, kids, traffic, music, not
to mention all the clutter in our heads.
So much competing with God's gentle whispers.

I have a desire to hear God's voice, and I find I have to seek it out...the silence that is.
In the absence of noise I more easily find and hear God.

Silence is a great tool for growing in oneness with God.
Jesus went away to be alone when he prayed, to the silence to better hear his Father's voice.
I embrace silence as if it were a long lost friend, a friend I can't wait to be alone with, 
just me and silence.
For me it's an essential component of my spiritual life, in my efforts to grow in His likeness.

I try and start every morning in the silence with God.
Before the cartoons, before the news, before any electronic device.
So much peace comes from sitting in silence.
I often think of running away to it!
A weekend of silence, ahh, now that would be priceless..... 

In that silence,
asking for guidance over my day,  my words and  my activities.

Amazing things happen in silence.
Have you found yours?

I encourage you to seek it out.
Psalm 46:10 
"Be still, and know that I am God..."

The many benefits of silence, it's what echos from my heart today......


  1. Oh my heart cries "yes" to this message! I crave silence in my life where I can hear God. Amen sister.

  2. lOVED this and just couldn't agree more. Soo what I want at this point in my life. Just this week I embroidered to pillows as gifts with that very verse on them. I can't post them yet as they both read my blog, but soon. Just LOVE that verse! Enjoy your week-end!

  3. One of my favorite things to do is watch the sky, and like you find the silence. And, I often find myself saying 'be still my heart' so I can concentrate on find the silence. As always, love this post. :)

  4. I, too, agree Debi, "silence is golden." I have to have a portion of each day this quiet and I, too, begin each day with a very quiet time and it's what "makes" my day. Great thoughts and post!

  5. I could feel my heart moving towards the beauty in your posting about silence and waiting and listening.

    Years ago, as a young woman I 'needed' noise to fill in the spaces in my life so the radio or television were always on. The noise kept the dull ache at bay that I felt more sharpy during quiet times.

    But as God began healing my emotions and deep-seated sorrows that we all bring from our growing up years (no matter how good it might have been), I found it easier and easier to live in the beauty of silence.

    And now, I cannot live with some place, some space in my day to turn it all off and just be quiet. Alone with my own thoughts and His mingling together.

    And being out in nature is one of those places that most often brings that place of quiet rest.

    Lovely posting!

  6. Enjoyed your post.
    I certainly need more silence in my life!