Friday, March 7, 2014

Fresh On Friday ~

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I hope you stopped by for some encouragement today !

With my stepson still in a trauma unit for now eight days I can tell you I have been
encouraged more than I can possibly describe. 
It has fueled me!
I can tell you that from this experience I want even more to encourage all of you.

I'm more certain than ever that
it's not by chance that my word for this year is encourage,
God new that I was going to learn just exactly what this word meant 
when put into action.

Nor is it by chance that my verse for the year was 

Psalm 120:1
I call on the Lord in my distress,
    and he answers me.

I have certainly called out to him these last 8 days,
and He has heard me.

If you follow my blog you know,
I am not a believer of chance, coincidence or luck.
I pay attention to the timing of things, 
I pay attention and look for God to work in every situation.
He does.

Specifically today I want to encourage a friend from High School who just recently
lost his Mother, and this week given the news his brother is dying of lung cancer.
I also want to encourage a fellow blogger who has brought a smile to my face many
times throughout the years.  She just lost her sweet Momma in January and now 
her sister is battling breast cancer.

I want to encourage a special couple who is trying to figure out how to
fix their marriage, when at times it doesn't seem possible.

There are others out there I don't know your issues,
but I know we all need to be encouraged and I hope I can do that for you.

We, in or own strength do not feel equipped to get through times such as this.
A time such as this with my Father in a hospital was when I learned that I haven't the strength,
and gave a problem bigger than myself, totally to God.

Eventually we benefit from admitting we can't fix something in particular, 
we can't make something be just because we want it to be.
We can't change a diagnosis!
Eventually, if your lucky you surrender and give it to God....
completely is the key here.....

He got me through it with my Dad and I was better after it.
Just as He is getting us through this time of our lives
 and, we will be better because of it this time as well.

"Jesus is our running companion. He runs in front of us to show the way,
 by our side to pick us up, and behind us to encourage us."
Charles Stanley

Each day continue to give it to God,
he will ease your burden.
He will give you comfort and the peace to endure.
No matter what you think you can't do, 
no matter how grim the future may look....

_____________ but God!

I hope you left feeling some level of encouraged...endurance involves encouragement from others.

If you know someone who needs some encouragement I hope you will share 
this blog with them if you feel it would do so.

Please be praying for Joseph's lungs...seems to be an issue this morning and 
he needs strong lungs to come off the vent.  Thank you!!!
I hope you will be an encourager to someone, it's what echos from my heart today.


  1. One of my favorite words - encourage.

    Debi - I always leave here feeling encouraged. Your faith is a beautiful thing.

  2. What an uplifting post Debi! Oh, at the times that I have needed encouragement and the Lord has always provided it through His Word and His people. I love to think of myself as an encourager and am always looking out for someone that needs a word of encouragement as I go about my day.

    Praying for your stepson.

    Wishing you a peaceful and comforting weekend!

  3. Your faith, your positive attitude, and your kind words add encouragement to my day so often. God reminds me of you and Joseph often lately, and I am thankful for the privilege of praying for both of you. Wishing you ways that God will encourage your heart this week.

  4. Dear Debi,

    Thank you so much for leaving your lovely footprint in my comment box this morning. I'm looking forward to spending time here with you on your own beautiful blog.

    Your life is full of many hard things and I'm SO glad you know Him in the midst of it all. That is an encouragement to me, as it confirms once again that, yes, His grace IS sufficient and it's always enough to bring us through. Your faith is beautiful.

    Something you said that caught my attention because I tend to do the same thing. You mention paying attention to the timing of things (I'm often interested in the timing of things) and you pay attention and look for God to work in every situation. (I love watching for the ways He works in people's lives, including my own).

    I pray you His strength for this new day and may His presence fill you with confidence and joy.