Monday, March 3, 2014

A Monday Minute ~


As I begin another week waiting and trusting God with our Joseph,
I'm clearly aware of the army of prayer warriors that have carried us thus far
and that I know will continue to do so.
Since the news of the accident it has been truly priceless...

Phone calls, text messages, Facebook messages, donations to help his family, sharing a meal,
and....the occasional slumber party...homemade soup, brownies delivered!
Offers to help in anyway possible, it's overwhelmed me,
more than once.

My sweet friend Jane reminded me from the get go,
it's why we need each other.

Community, something that seems lost in most neighborhoods nowadays.
I've taken a look back and can clearly see how strong it was back in 
the days of my youth.
Where it went and why, well that's another post.

What I do know is I am surrounded by it, and I'm thankful.
Church family, family and friends couldn't get to us fast enough to
do whatever they can.

One can't help but think, 
how do others get through times such as this
without community?

The power that comes from hundreds praying for you and yours,
it's is the mode of transportation through it all.

Do you have community? 
If you don't feel you do, start with me...I want to be part of your community of support.

Hear to be the listener.
The huger.
The prayer partner.
The cook.
The hand holder.
The encourager.

Community starts with one... 
it's what I'm grateful for this morning,
it's what echos from my heart today..


  1. It's truly a wonderful thing to be surrounded by all that love! We have clearly seen it in our family too with my sister's diagnosis and my mama's death.

  2. I hope this means Joseph is doing better; at least holding his own. Prayers continue.

    We witnessed a huge community when my grandson was killed; such blessings!

    You're right, Debi. It isn't like it was back then, but it's so wonderful when people we don't really know and in all probability won't meet in person take us under their wing with prayers. The way God intends.


  3. Joseph is a very handsome young man! God bless him.

  4. Oh your soo right, there is nothing like a community of wonderful people praying and loving on you! Your son is soo handsome! Still praying...HUGS

  5. Community, it's the very thing we talked about in our small group last night. I'm with you, how do folks make it without it. Continued prayers for yu and yours!!!!

  6. What a good looking guy! I agree with you, in that family, friends, and community are such a special gift from God. I can't imagine life without them. You shared your heart in such a caring and heartfelt way. Prayers are continuing from here.