Thursday, March 13, 2014

Throw Back Thursday ~

Myself , sister Deanna and Donna
in our :-)

Reminds my of all the time down in our basement playing house.

It's why I couldn't wait to get Khloe her own kitchen...
  She is generally in her little kitchen making,
cheesey bugga's, fwies with kethup...
When she's not in Namaws :-)

Thankful for my little side kick and all the time we have spent in the kitchen :-)

Update on Joseph.
Has developed pneumonia, still in induced coma.
Doctor plans to start backing him off the meds again which eventually
will allow another attempt at removing the ventilator, possibly another week of it.
Please continue to keep him in your prayers.. 
Though we have our weary moments we look to Him with trustful hearts...
But God!

Faithful prayer partners echo from my heart today......


  1. Loved playing house with my sisters too. The games could go on for hours. Sorry to hear Joseph has pneumonia now...I have been remembering him in my prayers. Hopefully they will be able to get him off the ventilator soon. Soo hard, but soo glad you all the Lord to lean on. HUGS

  2. Thank the Good Lord you have little Khloe to help pass the time as I know she loves it as much as you do.

    Continued prayers for Joseph, Debi.

    Sweet pictures.